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Best Buy return for Infinity

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mmoffitt9241, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. mmoffitt9241

    mmoffitt9241 Member
    Thread Starter

    Finally got tired of the wifi sucking on my Prime and called for an RMA. They didn't really ask any questions, just got my info and issued an RMA. I sent it in, they had it two days then I got an email saying it was shipping back to me. I tried to look up what they did to it, but their website doesn't show any details..just something like "received, tested, repaired, shipped". So I have no idea if they actually repaired anything on it but I'm hopeful that when I get it back, something has changed for the better.

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  2. Scotlac

    Scotlac Member

    Just got mine back with the same scenario and zero improvement. I called back and they suggested I send it in for a second attempt.

    Luckily I was able to exchange it at Best Buy using the manufacturers warranty.They no longer carry the Prime so I get to upgrade to the TF700 Infinity.: )
  3. mmoffitt9241

    mmoffitt9241 Member
    Thread Starter

    I got mine back and the wifi does seem to be much improved. It drops out much less and the receive signal power is much higher. I just wish they had a way for us to know what they did. There wasn't even a receipt in my box when it came back...not one single piece of paper, just the Prime...and nothing on their website shows what they did...oh, and my GPS now is much worse than it was...I can't hardly lockup even with the doggle...so I guess you got to choose one or the other...but I will use wifi much more than gps..
  4. mmoffitt9241

    mmoffitt9241 Member
    Thread Starter

    Wow, Some of the other threads on Xda and other places talked about being able to return their Prime to Best Buy even if it's been since Feb...So I tried and they exchanged it for the new Infinity! What a deal! now I can finally get on with it...
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  5. kickbutkuss

    kickbutkuss Member

    What did you tell them was wrong with the prime?
  6. mmoffitt9241

    mmoffitt9241 Member
    Thread Starter

    I was honest with them...Told them the wifi barely worked and GPS never did. I had sent it in for RMA and still not good. I had already exchanged it once right after I got it, so I had that receipt too...They didn't give me a problem at all...told them I had been researching on line and "most Best Buy's are just exchanging them for the new Infinity which specifically fixed these problems..."
  7. randomhero180

    randomhero180 Newbie

    Wondering if I can trade mine in for an infinity, but I do not have the receipt anymore as it was a Christmas present.

    Anyone have this same dilemma? Do they require a receipt?
  8. kickbutkuss

    kickbutkuss Member

    Did you purchase the extended warranty/Best buy warranty when you bought the Prime?
  9. nunezshow

    nunezshow Lurker

    is the TF700 Infinity better then the Prime? I do not have a receipt to be able to return the prime to best buy. I wonder if they will just exchange it out for me. Please let me know what you think.
  10. randomhero180

    randomhero180 Newbie

    I tried today and they told me I needed a receipt. A real bummer considering the infinity addresses all the issues that the prime has.
  11. rsarno

    rsarno Thank Me, Im Irish!

    Im interested in exchanging mine as well. I ordered it at bb online and had it the week of xmas. I have all receipts

    am i still a candidate for exchanging? or is that too far out?
  12. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin'

    I'm curious of your result if you attempt this because I'm in the exact same situation as you.
  13. rsarno

    rsarno Thank Me, Im Irish!

    I think ill give it a shot this weekend.

    Ill wipe it clean, box it in the original box, print my original order confirmation, and walk right into BB

    Ill tell them that since day 1 it has had wifi, GPS and BT issues, and apps crash constantly. Asus promised a fix via update, which never came. I also sent back to Asus for RMA and they returned it as fixed, but it in fact was not (not true, but how can they verify?)

    I think given all of that, how can they deny me?

  14. gaetawoo

    gaetawoo Guest

    Lying is always the best method...
  15. rsarno

    rsarno Thank Me, Im Irish!

    Just got back from Bestbuy, success! Sorta ....

    Back in december when i bought this, i called and complained about delayed shipping and got a $50 credit back to my CC.

    Well today they were all set to do an even exchange, and all of a sudden they got a popup "$50 Dot Com Allowance". Nobody could figure out what it meant, and i played dumb. The system wouldnt allow them to proceed as an even exchange, so i decided to just pay the difference.

    I walked up to the counter and plead my case, the lady said its not possible. I said "But bestbuy told me the TF201 was discontinued for manufacturer defect reasons, replaced with the TF700 and they suggested i come do a swap at my local store". She called for a manager, who quickly agreed with me and approved the transaction.

    So for $50 i get the newer unit, no scratches or hours used. I feel good about it.

    This one is getting rooted :)
  16. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin'

    I just exchanged my prime for an infinity with success. Anyone know if the prime dock works with the infinity?
  17. kickbutkuss

    kickbutkuss Member

    Yes, the Prime dock absolutely works with the Infinity. I traded my Prime in at BB like yourself and use my Infinity with my Prime dock everyday.

    Just make sure it is lined up properly when seating it in the dock. ENJOY!
  18. SigNu747

    SigNu747 Newbie

    Called BB today to see if i could get in on this infinity swap as well. The rep at the store told me i needed to contact asus to confirm that mine is part of the "recall" and to have asus notify BB on my behalf before they can do the exchange.
    Was bought Jan 26th. Could i jus go to BB with intention of returning it within it's 1yr manufactures warranty?
  19. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    I just got back from BB with my new Infinty. I went in and talked to geek squad explaining the Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS issues. I also told tem I spoke with Asus and a Rep from Geek Squad (both true) and they told me to exchange at a local BB. I brought my Prime back in it's original packaging with everything it came with (minus the plastic wraps) and a receipt and they swapped it out no problem. Actually they told me to go pick whatever tablet I wanted.
  20. Linx

    Linx Well-Known Member

    I bought mine from Office Depot. Does anyone know if they have the same type of exchange program? Or can I take it to Best Buy and exchange it there?
  21. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    Not sure about Office Depot's return policy maybe just give them a call. You definitely can't return it to Bestbuy.
  22. tensazan

    tensazan Android Enthusiast

    In order to return mine to best buy, should i first call asus and/or grek squad to see what they say, or just take it in?
  23. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    Do you have the receipt and when did you buy it?
  24. tensazan

    tensazan Android Enthusiast

    I bought it at the beginning of January, and when i sign in to my best buy account, it shows the transaction, it just pull up all the details, but still shows asus tf-201.

    Edit: i guess i should also note that i bought it online
  25. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    As long as you have proof of Purchase you should be good. I have returned or exchanged a few things that I purchased on Bestbuy.com in store.

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