Best Buy


I ordered a Pixel 4a from Best Buy on 8/26/2020 and was to pick it up yesterday on the 17th of September. I checked with their on line customer service to confirm it was there before I bothered to drive there and was told I could pick it up in their McDonough, GA store yesterday.

I drove the 26 miles to pick it up and all I got was blank stares. They asked "who told you that you could pick it up today"? I said your customer service told me that less than a hour ago. "Well we're sorry it's not here". I ask when will it be here? "Ahhhh, we don't know".

I checked back this morning and they still have no idea when it's going to be there. I told them to cancel my order and they said they would. I asked when will I get my refund? She said the next billing cycle. I said BS to that I want my refund now not next month. Luckily I paid with PayPal. I called them and got my money back immediately. Best Buy can stuff it. I'll never darken their door entrance again.

I ordered Pixel 4a on line this morning from Google. It's supposed to be here on Oct. the 7th or the 8th. I'll believe it when I see it. Getting good customer service these days is next to impossible. Not to mention the mail service has gone to hell.

How hard is it for them to check their inventory on their computer. It's either there or it's not and when is the next shipment expected.

I think what Best Buy is doing is selling their stock as it comes in and since they've already got the money from the pre-orders they're just stringing them along. I checked their product availability phone number using the SKU number for the Pixel 4a and confirmed they were available in store yesterday. They evidently sold the one I ordered to someone else.


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When you hire near minimum wage customer service personnel, you get what you pay for. :thumbsdowndroid: Most customer service metrics are measured by length/number of phone calls per hour and those asinine surveys the ask you to take 20 minutes to fill out. Quality of information no longer matters.