Best camera?

Hey all,

I currently have a Droid X and am finally able to upgrade to a new phone. I want to stick to the Android platform. I really don't use a ton of apps and mostly text instead of make calls. The biggest thing I use on my phone is the CAMERA. My X's camera is taking worse and worse photos, particularly at night. They end up blurry and really grainy. So, here's my question...

What phone should I get if I want to take lots of photos? I've been told the Galaxy SIII or the Galaxy Note and that the Note has more options like a group photo setting that takes a bunch in a row.

Help me out! I want to buy tomorrow so I'll have a better camera on Christmas!


pain rustique
Both have superb (if not identical) cameras. You would be just fine with either. The S3 may (if it hasn't been already) updated with the software from the Note 2.
The HTC DNA's camera is no slouch, perhaps one to consider as well.