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Best Car Stand?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ch229151, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. ch229151

    ch229151 Member
    Thread Starter

    So now that I have my S2, I have no need for my tomtom or my ipod. Are there any car stands on the market that work well with the S2 in a case? I have the otterbox on there, and it's an absolute pain to take the phone out of it whenever I get into the car. I know there are some universal ones out there, but I'm looking for a stand meant for the s2.

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  2. IndyDave

    IndyDave Newbie

    I bought an Arkon custom mount. I didn't want something on top of the dash, and this has a metal bracket - you pull off the bezel of the dash and mount the bracket using existing bolts. The bracket has a universal ball on it, so you can put on almost any type of mount. The one they sell for the GS2 has a spring-loaded bottom that you push down. It seemed too stiff at first, but loosened up over a couple of weeks. One thing I changed - it did vibrate a lot, so I took the bracket off and used some rubber gaskets on each side, and that helped. On my truck, it mounts just to the right of the Driver's right side air vent, perfect location and height for me, and you can tilt and turn it as you like.
  3. ch229151

    ch229151 Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, ill check it out. Im surprised there isn't a big market for this, considering most people have cases on their devices.
  4. Infamous05gt

    Infamous05gt Member

    Indy can you post pics of your stand? Very interested in this as I don't like just tossing my gs2 in the cup holder of my car.
  5. IndyDave

    IndyDave Newbie

    Here are 4 photos of it on my Silverado. I was using the phone to take them, so none of the phone in the spring mount. mount.jpg is the spring mount - the bottom fingers pull down - it's a piece of spring steel, so very reliable. The second shows it with the mount off the ball, and the metal plate going behind the dash bezel. Then I have 2 different angles of the metal mount plate attached using existing bolts.

    As I said previously, it will vibrate depending on road conditions, so I put rubber washers on the bolts (mine were just under 3/16 diam). That helped quite a bit. I do go down a gravel road several times a week, so I'm thinking of facing the back of the plate with some gasket material for some extra shock absorption. The vibration isn't that bad; it's just the only fault I find in the thing. I might also be able to kill it just by wedging something in the small space between the mount and the dash bezel.

    You can tilt and twist this in to any angle or orientation. The spring steel will prevent the phone from ever coming out - if I have it tilted up, taking it out uses enough force to tilt it down.

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