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Best case and screen protectors?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by xiton, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. xiton

    xiton Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Any input here guys? I've done some searching but couldn't find anything.

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  2. ZingBot

    ZingBot Android Enthusiast

    I haven't found any high-end cases or screen protectors yet. Just the cheaper stuff on eBay and Amazon.

    I have this type of case. Decent quality and good fit. Buttons under silicone cover but still easy to push. It does cover the mic a little since it's close to the front face of the phone and the case opening is more toward the bottom edge but haven't had any problems with people hearing me.


    I have this style too but it's very cheap plastic and a little slippery. Fit is ok though. Won't be using it. Don't bother with this type.


    This screen protector is decent. Does not require any spritz to apply. More plastic feel than Zagg and shows fingerprints easily. It could be just a bit longer vertically for a perfect fit but this is just nitpicking. I think it's the only screen protector available now. Other listings appear to be the same product.

  3. xiton

    xiton Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey, I really appreciate the in depth reply and quick reviews. I ordered a tpu case off eBay and was pleasantly surprised. It's not perfect, but my biggest issue is that it's a bit slick, otherwise it seems to fit very well for minor protection.

  4. ZingBot

    ZingBot Android Enthusiast

    Glad to help. I wish mid-level phones like ours had nicer accessories available. I guess that's one of the comprises we make when foregoing flagship phones.
  5. ZingBot

    ZingBot Android Enthusiast

  6. AceDaMack

    AceDaMack Member

    First time hearing about it myself, it looks legit though.
  7. ZingBot

    ZingBot Android Enthusiast

    Looks better than the Super Shieldz I got from eBay. Mine are just a plastic film. Cheap and will probably need replacing occasionly. Guess that's why they sell 6 for $5. Robo looks more like Zagg.
  8. AceDaMack

    AceDaMack Member

    Anyone tried the screen protectors yet
  9. xiton

    xiton Newbie
    Thread Starter

    The Super Shields are trash. They don't even adhere to the screen in any way. I'm very disappointed in them.
  10. ZingBot

    ZingBot Android Enthusiast

    Mine is sticking to the screen so far, but you're right they don't have adhesive. It's really hard to get all the air bubbles out. Any piece of lint is hard to push out the sides. I went through a couple before I got one on clean and straight. Since they're so cheap I didn't mind. Super Shield is definitely low end.
  11. Odin89

    Odin89 Android Enthusiast

    Amazon.com guys, they have everything u could need..at a sick price. Only catch is u have to wait for shipping haha. Case im rockin was 4.96. And i must say i dig it. Better than seeing the same cases for 20 bucks at boost lmao

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