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Best (current) Twitter app?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by The_Superhoo, May 25, 2011.

  1. The_Superhoo

    The_Superhoo Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I looked on the "best ____ app" thread, but the twitter threads inside it were all around a year or more old.


    What's everyone's favorite Twitter apps, and why?

    I've been using TweetDeck, which I actually like alot, but I'm having issues with notifications going silent for (sometimes) a few hours at a time. I wont receive any notification, but when I open the app, i have a TON of tweets on there.

    It also sometimes gives me the "unable to update status" error message, particularly when I try to RT. Not ALL the time I try to RT, or even most of the time. But enough that it is aggravating. It typically does it many times in a row, then it stops a while later.

    Stuff I like about TweetDeck:

    The interface.
    The way it remembers where I was scrolled to in the tweets when I leave the app.
    How I can hit one button to RT with or without comments
    How Facebook status updates, wall posts, etc are in the same feed

    Anyone find anything better?


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  2. gurana

    gurana Member

    I think tweetdeck is where it's at. I've not had any problems with it not updating... But I set it to only update hourly, and I turned off notifications. It's an app that I check often enough, that I don't really 'need' notifications. When I bring it up, I simply hit the bar on top. Tap it once, it retrieves whatever is new since last update. Hit it again, and it'll scroll all the way to the top for you. For me, I figure I'm never going to get messeges in there that can't wait for me to get them manually.

    It's got a couple of things that it can't do, that I wish it did... but those are all related to FB, and some of them you can't even do with the FB app.
  3. xmjox

    xmjox Well-Known Member

    I'm using the official Twitter app atm but will probably experiment with some others. It's simple to use but is pretty hit & miss with notifications. I like the layout and it was my main twitter client on my iPhone when my favourite (echofon) stopped working on my 3G.

    My fave (echofon) isn't available on Android :(
  4. gemini846

    gemini846 Member

    I'm going to try Tweetdeck. I currently use Tweetcaster and find it working fine, but I'm looking for something that will seamlessly retweet protected tweets. (might be the reason you are having issues).

    There is a plug in for the default twitter app called retweet that can do it for you, or you can copy/paste but that's annoying.
  5. yogirl

    yogirl Newbie

    I love Seesmic but it is way too slow to load anything so I use TwetCaster and like it's speed.
  6. QFreak

    QFreak Lurker

    I use Plume, so far is very good. I've used Tweetdeck and is awesome!!!!!

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