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Best DUAL SIM android phone?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by jfbaro, May 5, 2010.

  1. The Solutor

    The Solutor Android Enthusiast

    The new zopo looks really promising, even better than the lenovo a750, we need a guinea pig who test them :D

  2. EmilF

    EmilF Well-Known Member

    I will be (edit: ) NOT be ordering the ZOPO ZP200 as soon as it is released (mid-april). After reading this preview

    They ship from China - I have asked them :)
  3. mike1231

    mike1231 Lurker

    hey guys (first post btw)

    I have been reading all your previous comments and I have a question for you, as I did not manage to come across a clear answer:

    Which would be a nice dual sim android purchase (I am replacing an N86)?

    My needs: 3G in one SIM, front camera for videocall, nice back camera for the ocasional photo, wifi, gps, flash (!) not flash lite, but flash 10/11 support, nothing bigger than 4'' as I want it to fit in my trousers pocket. Any suggestions?

    Additional question... I am going to Hong Kong/Shenzen in a few days. Do you know any place I could buy it and avoid the etotalk shipping cost?

    Thank you very much for your support
  4. EmilF

    EmilF Well-Known Member

    I would go for the Lenovo A750 then. I have had the A60 and it was a wary good phone - except for to little RAM. Good quality and stable phone. Also there is allot of users of the Lenovo phone, therefor a big community to produce ROM updates, root, fixes etc.
  5. lkiju

    lkiju Lurker

    i found this four sim cellphone---flying F160 , is it believable?
  6. jago25_98

    jago25_98 Member

    The best imho is the Galaxy Y.

    But I prefer to simply carry a second phone.

  7. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Don't bother, it's just a cheapo feature phone.
  8. babatunde23

    babatunde23 Newbie

    In reference to the Galaxy Y Pro Duos. Has anyone used this phone? Do you recommend it? Is it dual sim active? (I'm getting confused with the terms not sure if the right one.. but basically can I receive a call on one line if I'm on a call on the second line?)
  9. mike1231

    mike1231 Lurker

    I liked your suggestion!

    by any chances does anyone know of a place to buy it Hong Kong? wanted to avoid the shipping costs and the any local tax :D
  10. jonmike

    jonmike Lurker

    interesting thread!
  11. PeterBell

    PeterBell Newbie

    Well, it does work. As far as I can tell, it's dual SIM standby, but I've not actually tested it. The bad points are that the screen is very low resolution, but adequate for simple use as a phone. By far the worst aspect, though, is the poor integration of dual SIM functionality. No customising of SIM identity, just SIM1/SIM2. No colour coding of SIMs. You have to select the SIM before you start dialing or composing a message.

    I'll stick with my G11i Pro until Bruno adopts a 6575 device ... my wife uses the Galaxy y.
  12. NeWbIe_vlc

    NeWbIe_vlc Newbie

    I receive today my new smartphone :D

    But now I'm dissapointed, I put the battery and power on the phone and It still on the first screen with de oranga logo and not load any more.

    Can anyone tell a lenovo post or threat with roms or maybe someone have any idea?

    Thank you
  13. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    First try to go into recovery mode and wipe cache and dalvik ...
    try if you can find something here http://forum.china-iphone.ru/search.php?keywords=Lenovo+A750
  14. Cecilsoares

    Cecilsoares Newbie

    I've had it for 2 days only and I'm fairly satisfied. As I said some time ago I needed a dual sim with qwerty because I just can't get used to typing on touch screen. The screen't sensitivity is quite good and the tracker actually helps solving the problem on the small screen, because you can use it to chose smaller buttons on apps and navigating on the web. One bad thing is that because the screen has a size that is kindda od for android phones, some apps actually appear size-down on the screen, like you had rotated your phone, only you didn't. Not impossible to use, you just rotate the thing, only a bit annoying.

    the only real downside of this phone is internal memory. only 160 Mb. didn't expect it to be much of a problem because I thought i'd install all on the SD card but I found out many apps will not accept it. Haven't tried to root it yet.

    I'm also having some problems with the phone reading the few apps I actually managed to install on the SD card, but I don't believe it's a general thing, just my bad luck, because it hasn't been reported widely.

    I dunno about dual active... I really don't bother that much about that feature and I haven't tried. I'll let you know when I figure it out.
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  15. khdd8198

    khdd8198 Lurker

    From reading the thread it seems that the Lenovo A750 is best dual sim touchscreen with android at the mo. I'm looking to purchase a dual sim in May and have a few questions:
    1) Does anyone think there is a better dual sim with android for the money available in May?
    2) Where would you recommend to buy from if purchasing for the UK? I can see that etotalk seems to be selling it for approx $180 plus extras plus delivery so we are talking approx $230.
    3) I can see there is talk on the etotalk web site of Ice Cream Sandwich being available on it in May is it worth hanging around or does this not matter if I start messing about with rooting, Bruno etc. I don;t know anything about this at the mo but am fairly technical so hopefully should be able to pick it up.
    I know some of this has been talked about but it would be good to summarise what has been said through out the thread for myself and others. All comments welcome
  16. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    For about the same price I also see an Arcapel AS1, just google for it.
  17. The Solutor

    The Solutor Android Enthusiast

    There Isn't any place with the correct specs for this phone.

    The cpu used is not mentioned even on the official website and this is pretty worrying.

    btw it's on the market since months ago, so is very likely way less powerfull than the Lenovo A750 or Zopo Zp100.
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  18. RoamingHawK

    RoamingHawK Newbie

    I have the XT532, and to be honest I'm disappointed by the phone, my other phone is Galaxy note, so there is no comparison what so ever.

    What really gets me with the XT532 are 3 things, first is the screen resolution, 320x480 @ 3.5 inch = 165 ppi which is not good enough for me.
    Secondly, is the black screen thing, this phone is supposed to be the work phone, so it needs to be available 24/7, sometimes the screen just goes blank and you can't turn on or off the phone without unplugging the battery, also sometimes the phone just switches itself off, even though the battery got enough juice.

    Thirdly, sometimes sim 2 in unreachable even though it got full signal, and sim 1 sometimes drops out, but I found that switching from WCDMA to GSM helps with sim 1 problem, but not with sim 2.

    Other than that, I liked the phone. Good size, decent battery life.

    So I'm looking at the ZTE U960, or the new HTC T328w. What I'm certain with both phone is that I'll like the resolution, What I'm not certain of is the dropping sim problem, blank screen and switching off problem. I'm leaning more toward the HTC as it's got ICS, slimmer, smaller (a bit), plus previous HTC phones I had where off solid build.

    What do you guys think?
  19. The Solutor

    The Solutor Android Enthusiast

    This is not surprising at all.

    It's a cheap phone meant to be just slightly better than the average featurephone.

    It's appreciated by the people who never touched a true smarphone, but is surely disappointing for anyone else.

    the ZTE is surely a real smartphone, it's no perfect (as any other phone) but is powerful enough to do anything you can expect from a smartphone.

    Good sensitivity, good battery life, good CPU power, good resolution and so on.

    The HTC is likely a good competitor, but likely we will have to wait to see the it on the real world.
  20. NeWbIe_vlc

    NeWbIe_vlc Newbie

    Nobody bought the Lenovo A750?
  21. EmilF

    EmilF Well-Known Member

    Mine is on its way from etotalk :)
  22. NeWbIe_vlc

    NeWbIe_vlc Newbie

    I need the Lenovo A750 rom with english to load my phone because the android not load, nobody know where I can find?

    From etotalk answer very late everytime, their first answer where I have to power on and leave it alone sometime ^^

    Thank you
  23. khdd8198

    khdd8198 Lurker

    Okay so far the best alternatives to the Lenovo A750 seem to be:
    1) The zte-u960 which seems a very similar spec phone but has dual antennas which seems to mean it can be dual sim active I.e have one call waiting on one sim while talking on the other. This is a good feature but it looks as thought the phone is an extra $160 which I can't really justify just for that feature
    2) The htc-t328w which again is a very similar spec to the Lenovo but already has Ice Cream Sandwich. Looks as though it'll be available on etotalk on the 20th April and at the moment is $190 more which would definitely put me off.
    For now I'm still going to wait to see what price the htc-t328w goes to when released and to see when the Lenovo will get ICS.

    Anyone else with any other phones or other UK suppliers for the Lenovo A750?
  24. The Solutor

    The Solutor Android Enthusiast

    The ZTE-U960 is still the only dual sim Smarphone powerd by a powerfull Qualcomm SOC, and is still the only phone with a true dual radio.

    The MT6575 that powers the A750 or the Zopo zp100 is still a question mark.

    Hopefully it will fix the defects of the older brothers (lack of computational power, unavailability of data during a call, unavailability of SIM2 during the data transfer, high power consumption, and so on) but this has still to be confirmed by the users.

    And when I say users, I mean users who already have experience with real smartphones, not first time adopters.

    On the other hand the HTC looks like a real competitor, but be sure it will be priced higher than the ZTE, that nowadays is really pretty inexpensive taking in account what has to offer.
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