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Best DUAL SIM android phone?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by jfbaro, May 5, 2010.

  1. The Solutor

    The Solutor Android Enthusiast

    It's a problem that affects (or affected according to someone) only the phones based on MT6573, looks like even the cheapest phones based on MSM7x27[t] aren't hit by the problem.

    So i think will be the same for the HTC (which has a better cpu core but, more or less, the same baseband)

  2. The Solutor

    The Solutor Android Enthusiast

    As any other phone the U960 is not perfect and has some things that could be better.

    On the HW side there is not much to say.

    The screen is made of glass, is sensitive and well contrasted, but could be a bit brighter for better readability in the direct sunlight.

    The screen lacks also any high tech antifigerptint treatment/coating.

    The camera is not crap as in most dual sim, but don't expect a Nikon.

    The rest is on par if not better than a middle class single sim smartphone.

    Very good sensitivity, good battery life, good audio, good CPU performances.

    Speaking about SW:

    The original ROMs weren't rock solid, and the original baseband SW for SIM1 had some incompatibility with certain SIMs.

    All this is SOLVED thanks to our efforts.

    There are still some minor glitches:

    The received calls and SMS may be displayed with or w/o the international prefix

    The USSD replies aren't working on SIM 1

    The incoming SMS lacking a caller number are simply ignored by the default SMS client, an alternate SMS client fix this (fully on sim 2 and partially on sim 1)

    The dual SIM management, like on the XT532, is relatively basic and is handled better on cheap clones.

    Really not much for a single representative of his class, which is still in his infancy.
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  3. RoamingHawK

    RoamingHawK Newbie

    Thanks Solutor for the detailed response, I wish you could get your hand on a T328w and give it the same treatment.
  4. lli

    lli Newbie

    I a debating switching phones. Now have a gsmaart 1345. Had to send it back twice.. Battery life and processor speed are way below expectations. Before this I had a HTC Desire (first version).

    Choice between: Zope ZP100, Lenovo A750 and ZTE U960.
    The Zope ZP100 looks nice and seems to have a good screen, but is small brand.
    The A 750 is the uglier of the bunch, but seems to perform.
    The ZTE has dual active, but is expensive.

    The first two seem to have a chipset build for dual sim. Not sure about the third.

    This video clearly has the lenovo as a speed winner.
    S5PC110 VS MSM8255 VS OMAP3630 VS MT6575 ?? - ?? - ???? - ????

    Any recoomendations. Someone has tried the 3 already?
  5. RoamingHawK

    RoamingHawK Newbie

    The T328W review:

  6. The Solutor

    The Solutor Android Enthusiast


    <------------ HTC wind-----------><-----------ZTE-U960----------->


  7. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    ZTE U960 ROM V1.5.1 Catty OC 1.4Ghz
  8. RoamingHawK

    RoamingHawK Newbie

    Clock for clock, the MSM8255 is clearly better albeit the small margin, I guess the ICS kernel and ROM are partially contributing to the close numbers.

    How about the Battery life score? The Chinese review doesn't provide data for the T328W.
    I guess we would have to wait for someone to get and do the test.
  9. RoamingHawK

    RoamingHawK Newbie

    Slightly different number taken from another review:


  10. The Solutor

    The Solutor Android Enthusiast

    From what I can see that antutu benchmark is not a great tool to understand the differences between cpus. That said your guess is surely correct, ICS and the experience of HTC have surely a part on the good results shown by the HTC wind.

    That part is surely harder to bencmark, usually most of the battery juice is eaten by the 3G part.

    A different provider or a different baseband firmware can do more difference than an overclocked CPU.

    My first android phone ( a milestone 1) was used to last less than 5 hours using vodafone, and more than 24h using Three.

    That difference was almost deleted with the updated firmwares.

    I guess the wind smarphone will have, more or less, the same battery life than the ZTE, more or less the same baseband, slightly larger battery, less efficient CPU, but smaller screen
  11. ramjp000

    ramjp000 Newbie

    hiieee friends, please help me, i am buying zopo zp100 online from merimobile.com website as i find it suitable for me. but there is a doubt in my mind. as it is a Chinese dual sim mobile although a branded but i m confused whether it will work in India or not and it also has just single imei no. i am using micromax q50 right now and it has 2 imei no. and both sim works perfectly but this phone has only single imei no, i saw an unboxing video on youtube and saw the box which confirms it has single imei. so i am scared that if only 1 sim will work then it will not be good for me. please friends any one who have used any chinese branded dual sim phone like lenovo or zopo or anyother co. bought from china online store, recently in india please guide me whether it will work perfectly or not.
    please friends help me soon. as i want to order this phone soon coz it will take atleast 25- 30 days to reach me
  12. PeterBell

    PeterBell Newbie

    Many dual SIM phones only have a single IMEI ... for instance, my G11i Pro. I have no difficulty using both SIMs here in Philippines, on two different networks.

    My guess is that the single IMEI will only become a problem if you try to use two SIMs on the same network. Perhaps someone with more information can comment on that.
  13. The Solutor

    The Solutor Android Enthusiast

    For the record I'm using my ZTE with two Vodafone Italy sim, w/o any kind of problem
  14. AD2554

    AD2554 Newbie

    Lenovo A750. Somehow the CPU frequency does not show....[​IMG]
  15. ramjp000

    ramjp000 Newbie

    hey thanx for ur responce but still i had a doubt in my mind coz in india in 2009 gov.t has banned invalid imei no. phones and i have read on internet that many guys hv troble coz in their dual sim phone only 1 sim is working now.
  16. lef7

    lef7 Lurker

    Hello i am new in this forum and i am looking for a dual sim android and i cant decide which one to buy
    i am thinking about lenovo A750 or ThL V9 from the cheaper options and if ZP200 deserve to give more money..Does anyone has other suggestion?thanks
  17. Charlieboy

    Charlieboy Newbie

    Hello all,

    I'm looking at either the Lenovo A750, ZP100 or primarily the ZP200.

    I was wondering if there are any owners of the three (especially the last one) who could let me know of their user experiences and if they would recommend these handsets?

    I'm hoping to get something that is relatively futureproof for the time being (so Ice Cream Sandwich with a camera of 8MP as well as a decent RAM).

    Any thoughts?

    I read on a review in France, where I reside at the moment, that there is some trouble with IMEI's that don't start with 35. Does anyone know about this regarding the above handsets?

    Many thanks!
  18. The Solutor

    The Solutor Android Enthusiast

  19. Charlieboy

    Charlieboy Newbie

    Many thanks, Solutor. I've taken this in consideration and ordered the ZP200, in the end. Will let everyone know how it is when it gets here!

    All the best,

  20. chamaruco

    chamaruco Member

    first feedback, in chinese and italian language...low battery and memory performace..
  21. Charlieboy

    Charlieboy Newbie

    Well, I'll let you know what it's like then. My curiosity is killing me, so had to order it. My last smartphones were a HTC Hero and HTC Mozart (wp7) - neither of which worked at Warp speed. So performance isn't the biggest deal. Nevertheless, I'll be happy to see what it is and share the word, whether good or not.
  22. Globetrekker

    Globetrekker Lurker

    Hello to everyone.

    Am seriously considering HTC t328W. Does anybody could recommend a reliable supplier? I know about etotalk, but would prefer another option.
  23. Charlieboy

    Charlieboy Newbie

    Alright guys, let's keep this civilised. I appreciated both your comments, so there's no problem here.
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  24. polvo

    polvo Newbie

    Hi, I am quite satisfied XT532 user for few months - I did not have enough time to play with XT532, but now I have :), it was really good buy for me. Looking for newest ROM, I was not successful, file was deleted due to copyright...blah blah, yet I will try to find it elsewhere. I have not been here for ages :)). And evolution is going on and on ;) as I can see...


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