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Best/Easiest way to upgrade Thunderbolt ICS from Revolutionary

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by eighty7ss, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. eighty7ss

    eighty7ss Lurker
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    I followed instructions earlier this year to root my phone by following the instructions on this thread (thanks Scotty85).


    Now that ICS has an update, and I have blocked the OTA update, I am still stuck with Gingerbread because I can't get a straight forward answer about how to update. My phone totally lags on apps, phone calls, and I don't have a bunch of apps running on my phone to clutter it up. I have removed all the bloatware and currently run Avast, Juice Defender, and Titanium Backup all the time. I can usually figure out on my own or research the root lingo but at this point I give up. I honestly need step by step instructions on updating while still keeping my root. I am hoping this will at least give my phone a little more life. I am still completely frustrated with the battery life and loss of data connections throughout the day. Of course I have the unlimited data plan through Verizon and would love to upgrade to the Galaxy 4, though I have loved my Thunderbolt, just don't want to lose my unlimited plan. Here is my boot screen:

    HBOOT-6 01.1002
    Feb 23 2011,20:42:55


    THANKS SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME AND OTHERS out that are confused and have little knowledge about rooting.

  2. tensazan

    tensazan Android Enthusiast

    I imagine you could just download a rooted version of the Rom to your sd card and flash it by going to your recovery and selecting "install from zip" and selecting the zip file.

    I don't know if you would have to update your recovery though, so you may want to wait a little bit to see if anyone chimes in on that.I do believe you would also want to wipe the data partition so you won't run into too many issues.

    But again, you may want to wait to see if anyone else posts. I haven't upgraded my thunderbolt to ics yet since I moved to the s3.
  3. scotty85

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