Accessories Best external charger?


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Hi fellow Droiders!

Just like most of you, I, too, am annoyed about the battery life on the EVO. However, I knew what I was getting myself into and just resorted to the fact I would have to carry a USB cable to plug into my laptop at school (I'm a school teacher), a car charger and a wall charger.

Since I have been reading about these outstanding revelations regarding external battery chargers vs the standard plug into the wall at night charger, I am curious to test the difference myself. Especially since I geocache when I can and definitely want more battery life (geocaching nick: Team PEZ)

This being said, what is the best external charger you can recommend? I have the 3000 battery in my phone at the moment, but I also have the 3500 battery just laying around, collecting dust. If I choose to use the 3500 battery, I will have to get a new back cover for it though (is there really a difference between the 3000 and 3500 anyway?)

Stay Droiding, my friends...

Marietta, GA