Best Facebook App


Heyy Guys I was just wondering what ones you think is best
like ones you can search,look at your friends..friends and stuff basically what the iphone allows you to do with facebook

I also want to find a good application which enables facebook chat

broads desire

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urm facebook 1.3.1 the official one is close to the iphone one.. and the rcent update solved the constant phone awake problem..

theres no facebook chat included in it though... ive heard rumours that bloo works with it.

failing that ebuddy is an im client which holds msn AIM facebook chat yahoo etc etc jus set up only the facebook acount and theres your chat..


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Anytime ive tried chat with ebuddy
it doesn't recongise my account
which is defo my facebook email and password


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I use vonage for the chat.
before I used ebuddy.

as for everything else there is only the official facebook app
unless you use the website and shortcut the bookmark