Best Facebook app?


After settling for "Facebook for Android" for a few months, I got bored and decided to try a few others out on my Hero.

They all do some great things, but none does it all!!!

The standard app is nice and I like how it refreshes in the background, but I have to rely on emails coming in for any kind of notification (like comments and stuff).

So I tried Bloo out. This looks ok... but not great, takes a while to load. But I like how it can scroll through the feed without having to ask for more. Also, the notifications are more or less instant.

Then I tried out Babbler. This is the best looking app IMO. It does pretty much everything I want. But..... although the notifications look much better than Bloo (they actually tell me the comments), they take ages to come through and I've had an email before them. Does anyone know how to change this?

Whats anyone elses experieces?


The official app is too simple for me, if I want to do anything productive I have to use hte web based one. Bloo is looking good, the dev seems to be working hard on it and there are lots of updates. I'm going to stick with that one and watch how it progresses.