Best Free Offline/No Active Data Using Apps for Android


This is my personal list of offline or no data using apps for Android for users who don't want to constantly rely on their carrier's 3G or 4G or carrier data constantly. With some apps, you can download everything it needs to ever use (besides updates) in one shot either on data or on WiFi. These are apps that, unlike similar others, don't require constant data conneection to function fully or to a great extent that other alternatives cannot offer. Tell me if there are any stuff I ought to add andd share your list.

-Dictionary - Farlex - Free
A great dictionary app that has an offline mode where one can download the entire dictionary data base in a 60mb download.

-Wikidroyd - CloudMade Deutschland GMBH - Free
A fantastic offline Wikipedia app that allows one to download the Wikipedia database from various databases either using the phone directly for a direct download on one's desktop or laptop to download the database to an external SD card. There is a 2GB download for the top 10% most read articles in English. The full English database has 4 parts, each about 2GB big.

-Obenkyo - Atomusk - Free
A must have app for the Japanese learner with full grammar lessons from Tae Kim's guide. It also can help one learn to read Japanese. For a Japanese learner as I, its a great app. I wish their was a Chinese equivalent.

-Navfree USA
A great free GPS app I use on my tablet. Most critical features such as navigation and points of interests don't require a data connection. Only the Google search and a few other small features need it.

A awesome offline Japanese dictionary perfect for the Japanese learner.

-Google Currents
Before I leave home, I download the new articles for the day to read. One gripe is that when offline, I can't see any pictures but text works fine.

-Bible -
A must have for the Christian Android user. It has a many different offline translates of the Bible for offline usage and it has a nice interface with many other nice features.


Extreme Android User
Thanks for info :)

A question to NavFree.
Has the app a location street search (in a downloaded map) and when so, is the search offline?