Apr 14, 2012
Was looking on ebay at them so many,Which would people recommend?
You can take a look here:

Android TV Box - Tablet Pc - Android TV Box - Military Phones - AsiaPads

I think most famous are ATV2000, Measy X5 and HiMedia HD900B

ATV2000 maybe better if you don't need to play 3D movies.

Measy X5, HiMedia HD900B, Egreat R300 (really good but expensive), Zero Devices... (all realtek) are good for 3D movies and they are stable. Also you can place a HDD inside.

If you want the power of Android ATV2000, Measy A5A will be better. If you need the power of android but with a HDD bay, maybe Measy X7 is your best option.

As I know the Android GV5 is also good and it has VGA port (again it depends on what you need).

And last, The Visson ATV108 runs Android 4.0 and looks good, but this version still new for speak more.

What do you need? This is the question for find the best option :)