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Best Guess Car game for Android!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Guessus Games, Dec 7, 2014.

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    We'd like to share our first game for Android for all cars enthusiasts!
    You can download game from Google Play.

    Here are game description and screenshots from the market:


    Guess more than 500 unique cars and compare your skills with others!

    You think you are familiar with cars brands and models? You are going to prove that you are the best in this game with our weekly challenges.

    ** This game requires Internet connection to be on. Our cars database is stored on remote server so you can instantly get updated list of cars without need to update your application.

    - Gameplay is splitted into five-cars rounds with increasing complexity each round
    - Start guessing cars by brands logos
    - Show your deep knowledge to distungish cars by tiny differences in model years
    - Get into a 30 seconds REDLINE mode if you made 3 mistakes
    - Gain experience to unlock new features
    - Compare your results with others and unlock unique achievements
    - Become world's best in weekly challenges
    - Suggest your cars and see how lucky people are to guess them (coming soon).

    We are proud of our collections of 500+ cars gathered by people like you are. It includes:
    - Exclusive supercars, rally legends, street racing and drift cars
    - Muscle cars, drag racing and other performance vehicles
    - Famous concept cars never seen on the streets
    - Electric cars and electric supercars concepts
    - Serial cars you can easily find on the streets
    - 2015-2016 model-year cars to keep you updated with latest trends
    - Rare cars from the beginning and middle of 20th century
    - Movie stars cars etc.

    Made by people with petrol in their blood. We hope you will enjoy the game and please feel free to give us feedback, so we can make it even better for you.



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