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Best Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram Story

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Neet4747, Jan 1, 2022.

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    Highlight cover
    You need more than few posts, videos and highlights to make an attractive instagram profile. You need to have extra decoration, unique decoration. Give your profile a more attractive and unique look by adding unique and relevant cover to your highlights or stories. Having dozens of highlight stories and that also without cover, than it will look a bit creepy. To change it you could add beautiful covers to your highlights and make it more attractive. Here we bring you the perfect highlight cover creator for instagram. This is a free highlight maker for your instagram highlights. This lets you to create a color story, story arts using floral, colors and marble designs.
    Simple Customization - Highlight cover maker lets you customize all templates easily.Just tap on elements like colors, icons, stickers, borders, text to make them bigger or edit them.
    Highlight Backgrounds - Make beautiful covers for highlights of instagram. There are various floral and marble designs, backgrounds, colors to select from.
    Borders - Easily add borders to your highlight cover and make it more beautiful.
    Icons - Various icons like floral icons, food icons, love icons and much more.
    Stickers - Cute stickers, cool stickers and much more.
    Add Text - Add text or edit the existing one.
    Download now and make your instagram profile more attractive.

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  2. Neet4747

    Neet4747 Lurker
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    Well you've wrote everything but a Play Store link for your app...
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Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram Story

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