Aug 16, 2011
Corpus Christi TX
so im running the MikG-Sense 2.1+3.0-v2.5 ROM and i wanna know the best kernel for battery life to flash... and i also wanna know what other tweaks i can set on the ROM too for battery life
If you go to the Evo 4G section of these forums (not the root section, root is a subdivision within the Evo section), there is a tips and tricks section with this thread:


As far as roms go, the saying is that everyones phone is different, and you'll just have to keep trying new kernels till you find the one that works best.
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with kernels it will always differ for people. what works for me may not work for you. so just make a nandroid backup and try a different kernel. always give it a few days before moving on to the next one.

as far as tweeks and such for battery life i would use setcpu with a screen off profile. and keep 3g off until you need it.