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Sep 29, 2011
Ok I'm.baffled flashed the anthrax kernel thinking my battery life would improve but it seems to be worse. In an hour and a half im already down to 75 percent at this rate ill be at zero in another two hours with light use
With the latest Anthrax 3.2.1a kernel, my battery drains a little faster than when I was on 3.1.8, but not by much. I've been off the charger for a little over 2 hours and am still at 99% battery, so it must be something on your phone that's not letting it go into deep sleep mode. Install Better Battery Stats from XDA , that should give you a rough idea of where all your battery life is going.

Also, check your Battery Use section in Settings to see what's using the most battery.
Cpu spy can help you with this. it will let you know if your phone is going into deep sleep on not and what Mhz or Ghz your using the most of the time. i use this app all the time.