Root Best Kernel for Lithium Mod?


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I had installed lithium mod w/Alternate Dark theme and loved it!!! But it was just more sluggish then Smoked Glass 6.0, which is what i currently have. What kernel do you guys use with Lithium Mod? Maybe slower cuz it used ADW?


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First, the obligatory "every Droid is diff and diff kernels work better with diff Droids".

I was using the Golden Elegance theme and I tried the stock, Chevy's, Jake's, and jdlfg's. Jake's performs the best for me at 1GHz, but I can get to 1.2GHz with jdlfg's, given me better performance (however, only slightly over Jake's 1GHz). Not every Droid can get up to 1.2 and 1.25GHz, but if you can handle it, I recommend Jake's. GirLuvsDroid compiled a list of known available Froyo kernels that you can find in the stickies. When it comes to kernels, trial and error is really your only option.


Like the guy above me said, all Droids handle kernels differently. For me, my Droid runs best with P3 1.1 low voltage or Chevy's 1.1 ghz ultra low voltage. The only problem with the Chevy kernel is that it makes my battery life widget wrong, it showed 5% and 20 mins left for 3 hours.