Jul 1, 2012
Hey guys, I've had my gsm Nexus for a month and I love it! I'm using SwiftKey x 3 and I also love that but I was wondering if I'm missing out on any other great keyboards? Any suggestions? I'm always looking to try new things so getting some options would be great. Thanks guys :D
i actually prefer the stock keyboard, maybe swype here and there. I wasnt a fan of swiftkey. but there are a few others, like better keyboard, but you would need to market search for a few of them
Swype. I've bought them all. Swype is by far my favorite.

I second this :p

That's said keyboards are a VERY personal thing, the best I can recommend is try out different ones till you find that "special" one! Be sure to give a new keyboard at least a 2-3 days of decent use before you shrug it off also. It takes awhile to get used to the "feel"
Used to have Swype on my Eris. Had to uninstall when I was running out of space. I thought it would be one of the first things I'd put on my GNex. So far I haven't felt the need because the stock keyboard is so good.
I didn't realize anyone was still using stock. That keyboard is horrible. I only use SwiftKey. The more you use it, the more it learns what you say and how you say it and I find myself only typing 1 to 2 letters of each word when I use it before it accurately predicts what I'm trying to type. Swype was "cool" when I had my Incredible for a while, but with the real estate on the Galaxy Nexus it's not practical. (IMHO-of course) :)
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Stock keyboard ftw. Only other one I use to use would be thumb keyboard. Simply awesome.
I actually paid for flex T9, made by nuance. Nuance now owns Swype, and basically took flex T9 off the market and combined the two.
So I paid $5 for nothing.

I use Swype.
I've been using swiftkey but for some reason it doesn't give any word predictions at all (or corrections) when I'm using it in a browser (I use the stock browser so far). Is there a setting I'm missing or does it work better in certain browsers? The predictions work great in Go SMS.
Stock. Just wish the space bar was a tad thicker for my thumbs. I always be hitting b when I tries to space!
Used Swype when I had my Incredible and switched to SwiftKey after a while to see how the text prediction works. Now I'm using SwiftKey3 on my GNEX and am loving it. How's the word prediction for the stock JB keyboard work? I'd love to try out the stock but don't want to have my phone re-learn my tendencies when writing.
I had a whole reply dedicated to my favorite keyboard of all time. And how it was far superior to Swype.

The keyboard was called Shapewriter, and it was great. It was fast, smooth, it's word prediction and learning was superior to all other swiping keyboards, etc. Then, it went away.

It was bought by Nuance and incorporated the code into their FlexT9 keyboard. And that is what I was using up until about 30 minutes ago. I was going to say "Swype isn't nearly as good as FlexT9!"

But as I was looking for the appstore link to FlexT9, I couldn't find it. Why? Nuance also bought out Swype.

So I installed the Swype beta. And, wouldn't you know it, it looks like they slapped the Swype brand name on top of Shapewriter/FlexT9! It's still as smooth, fast, great prediction/learning, etc.

So, yes. My reply which was essentially going to be "Swype sucks!" is now "Swype rocks! Go get Swype immediately!"

If any of you are not a fan of Swype (like myself) but haven't tried the app in the last few weeks (like myself) I STRONGLY recommend giving it another look. Like I said, it's a far superior software with just a more recognizable brand name slapped onto it.

I don't know if it's just the beta that has the new software, but that's what I'm running. You can check it out at beta.swype.com
I really wish swype would allow for the install of themes. I hate the orange color. They need to update it to holo or at least give us the option. As much as i love swype i find found some faults with it using it on Jellybean so i have since reverted to the stock keyboard as well as swift key In my opinion the only real noticeable difference between the stock keyboard and swift key is appearance; swift key looks better but for some reason i seem to overall type faster using stock.

Waiting for a updated version of Swype with THEMES
people will theme Swype, post it, then it'll quickly get taken down. They're pretty serious about people not messing with their stuff.
But yeah, orange doesn't match anything I've got going on here.
people will theme Swype, post it, then it'll quickly get taken down. They're pretty serious about people not messing with their stuff.
But yeah, orange doesn't match anything I've got going on here.

Awww that's too bad...I'd luv my Swype themed :)
If you arent into the stock or swiftkey boards there is another that is quite brilliant but not often spoken about and that is adaptxt......try it out, you might like it