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Best Method to Transfer Apps/Setting to New Phone

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by consultant, Oct 7, 2020.

  1. consultant

    consultant Well-Known Member
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    I'm about to do my once every 2 year phone upgrade. Been on Android last 12 years. My days of rooting my phone are long gone. Don't have time. I know Google will automatically download and install all my apps based on my Google account login. But if I recall, on non-Google apps that don't require their own account login, the past few upgrades I've had to go into a handful of apps and export the settings (if it has such a function) than import after installing on the new phone.

    Old phone is Android 9 (LG V30). New phone is Android 10 (Samsung S10 5G). Is this still basically the same process these days or has Google improved or apps that don't require rooting aid in migrating to a new phone?

  2. Raniyah

    Raniyah Newbie

    I hope Samsung's smart switch software will be useful for you. It helps users to transfer data, apps, and other things to a new phone.check Samsung's official site for more details
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  3. baizhou

    baizhou Member

    I am also searching for the method to Transfer Apps/Setting to New Phone. I tired Coolmuster Mobile Transfer, but it can only help me transfer apps, not including the app data and settings. I will also try Google Drive and Samsung Smart Switch later. Hope they will work.

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