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Best Micro SD for the S4

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zanthal, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. zanthal

    zanthal Member
    Thread Starter

    I ask this after my Sandisk 32GB Class 10 ULTRA started causing very regular "SD Card Unexpectedly Removed" errors.

    I switched back to a Sandisk 8GB Class 2, and all the errors have stopped entirely, I don't believe in the coincidence.

    So, to further explain, I'm looking for advice on which higher capacity and faster transfer rated Micro SD to buy.

    I've heard everything from "Just format your Micro SD" to "All Galaxy S4's have a shotty SD controller" to "Sandisk released a bad batch of Class 10 cards" to fix the above mentioned error, so I don't know what to believe regarding the problem, except that I know I'm not the only one having this problem with the S4, by far.

    The users on this forum have never left me wanting for good tips, so thanks in advance. :five:

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  2. BigRedGonzo

    BigRedGonzo Android Expert

    I had the same problem with a SanDisk 64GB Ultra (class 10) card. Went through several rounds with SanDisk to have them finally say we will send you a mailing label and you send the card back and we'll replace it. I never received a RMA number or mailing label. Contacted them again and got the "Oh, we're sorry..." story and three weeks later I still have no avenue of return. Anyway...

    I was having to reboot/disassemble/eject and repeat several times a day. I went out and bought a Samsung 64GB Pro (also class 10) from Best Buy on sale for $49.99. Placed it in the phone and formatted it, popped it out and transferred all my stuff onto it and haven't had the first problem since. It also seems to work better than the SanDisk (when it worked.) I never get a "hicup" now when watching a video or listening to music. I used to get those with the SanDisk SD. All that being said, go buy a Samsung card and enjoy your phone.
  3. hopey

    hopey Newbie

    I bought a Samsung 64gb from amazon never had a problem still early days like had it about 3 month
  4. Goodspike

    Goodspike Android Expert

    I had a Sandisc 64gb class 10 bought at Amazon w/ many issues. Returned it for a Samsung 32gb which I've not had any issues with.

    Edit: The Samsung was class 10 too. I don't know why I didn't write that originally.
  5. zanthal

    zanthal Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the input, this one is happily resolved. :)

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