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Best Minutes, SMS, 3g Counter??

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by mcchriswood, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. mcchriswood

    mcchriswood Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    What do you guys use??
    Ive currently installed 3g watchdog and droid stats.
    Im worried one of them is draining my battery but they are essential to me.
    Ive also seen there are a few more :
    Tariff Watcher
    Call Meter NG

    What do you guys recommend out of the 5 i have mentioned??
    Are you using any and extremely happy?
    Has anyone else experienced battery drain with any of them

  2. mcchriswood

    mcchriswood Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    someone must be keeping an eye on this??
  3. CodeMonkey

    CodeMonkey Guest

    I'm using Call Meter NG whilst I wait for O2 UK to release an Android version of the iPhone MyO2 app.
    Can't say I've noticed any drain on battery but I have docks at work and home so I charge a lot anyway. At the weekends I've not seen any significant difference.
  4. mcchriswood

    mcchriswood Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    how long in genral are you getting out of your battery??
    Im getting about a day with about half hour of internet half our of market searching or downloading one or two apps
    Wi fi and mobile internet always off unless being used.
    Lots of widgets though
  5. CodeMonkey

    CodeMonkey Guest

    I have the following setup:
    Facebook - 4 hour sync
    Twitter - 4 hour sync
    Gmail - 3 accounts syncing (1 full sync, 2 mail only)
    Email - 1 pop checked (per hour)
    Beautiful Widgets Home Widget - 3 hour update cycle
    Settings Profile ( location checking using Lat / Long only)
    Guardian Anywhere pulls latest edition overnight.
    Google News & Weather on 12 hour sync

    GPS is left on.
    Wifi is left on when at home
    Bluetooth is left off unless in use

    Typically I'll charge overnight in the desk dock.
    At the weekend I usually get down to about 40% running without charging from 100% at about 8 / 9 am through to 12 / 1am. That's with using the phone normally during the day (about 15 - 20 emails spread across the accounts, a handful of texts, some net use - basically instead of my macbook).

    Since I first bought the N1 in Feb I have seen improvement in battery use over time (whether due to using it less once the initial thrill wore off), and a further improvement with Froyo.

    I don't find it too bad overall - I've been a heavy smartphone user for longer than I'd care to admit and always buy a dock, car charger and secondary mains charger when I get a new phone.
  6. mcchriswood

    mcchriswood Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    whats the advantage of a dock over a mains charger then??
    I have gps on for about an hour with wifi whilst constantly using the web or app market probably twice a day
    No email accoutns.
    About 30 texts a day and about 10minutes of calls.
    about 10 -12 widgets
    ive charged the phone 3 times since i have had it.
    Im using 100% battery by midnight and start use at 6am
  7. CodeMonkey

    CodeMonkey Guest

    I use my phone as my alarm clock, and I like the dimming & dock screen functionality when using the dock at night. I also use it as part of my rule set within Setting Profiles to silence all notifications and rings overnight (with a whitelist for emergency calls).
    I also use the dock at work to top-up the charge - the pins approach means i can easily grab the phone on and off charge as required; this outweighs the fact the dock can't cope with cases (I just slip the silicone case off when charging). I also find it easier for reading emails, texts etc, and keeps the battery topped off if listening to music.

    Your battery life sounds pretty reasonable to me though - I find constant gps usage (eg navigation etc) to be the only really sure fire battery killer. I can use 30% of the battery in a 40 minute drive (just tracking speed and direction).
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