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Best Music Player for Samsung Galaxy Ace?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by meisaia, May 17, 2011.

  1. meisaia

    meisaia Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi! I just bought this phone and works great for me however, I realized that its default music player sucks. And I want a new music player app which will allow me to create folder-based playlists and would still play an MP3 though the song details of it are "UNKNOWN".

    Also, I hope the music player is movable to the SD Card because my phone is not rooted. Because I'm too scared to brick my phone.

    Please suggest good music apps. Thanks! :)

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  2. tititkukaku

    tititkukaku Lurker

    I use use PowerAMP v1.0

  3. Kbaba

    Kbaba Lurker

    Just try seaman player from market... A great player.. supports wide range of formats ,can play fromsd card. I tried on my galaxy ace... Works great.
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  4. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

    I have tried many different players. poweramp and playerpro are the best. though cracking poweramp on unrooted devices is not possible.
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  5. aktifit

    aktifit Member

    i'm using playerpro and i think it's all i need + the 2x4 lock screen widget looks really nice :) can't tell you whether you can move it to the sd because i have all apps on sd but i don't know why it isn't possible, but just try the free trial
  6. insekticide

    insekticide Well-Known Member

    I am using Winamp and it really whips the llama's ass!
  7. xfifteen

    xfifteen Newbie

    Try Ubermusic Beta 1 (UberMusic Changelog) :) It's based on the look and functions of Microsoft's Zune.

    I've been using the alpha version of Ubermusic, which you can easily find via google. It's a duplicate of the Windows Phone music player. The alpha version is called "Fede's Music App". Just try it, it's really cool.

  8. chrishawk

    chrishawk Newbie

    Go for Poweramp player. it is the best.
  9. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

    yeah ubermusic just went beta 2.
    nothing like anything. developed by dev of launcherPro. must try.
  10. jawzz

    jawzz Member

    i'm using WinAmp.. It is the best one. You can sync music from PC.
  11. LINGAM

    LINGAM Newbie

    First thanks for this post. i am new to this forum but i have read almost every post regarding samsung ace even before i got the phone.i found them very helpful. i am not a tech savy person but these post helped me a lot as i am new to android os as well.
    i don't know if this is the right thread to ask this question, but i would like to know if there is anyway to increase the volume level when playing music or video because even when the volume level is at max in the inbuilt player it is not sufficient.
    if anyone can help me to find a way(app free) ...thanks in advance. once again glad to be a part of this community
  12. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

    Here a 2 more music players for ace-

    Default Honeycomb player
    MIUI themed player

    Thanks goes to consegregate at xda.

    Visit xda thread
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  13. LINGAM

    LINGAM Newbie

    thank you for your suggestions.i have android 2.2.1 version.can i use the default honeycomb player in my Ace and the MIUI themed player?
    and where do i get these. tried android market no go .sorry for the trouble. ace not rooted;am not tech savy. so easiest way please. nag nag nag.. how to install?
  14. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

    just download the apk in the link given above.
    there shouldn't be any probs.
  15. LINGAM

    LINGAM Newbie

    no problem.found them both on the thread you provided and instructions to install them on talk android.com. but is there no equalizer on both these players? and the volume level is more or less the same as the inbuilt player as the ace.if and when upgrade to gingerbread is available will it improve the vloume level of the inbuilt music player in samsung Ace?. i hate to use the earphones. but a big thanks once again
  16. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

    There is an equalizer app or something like volume+. Don't know whether works on froyo or not.
    Sound quality won't matter once CM7 is released.
    I am looking for interfaces/themes.
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  17. rhoadster91

    rhoadster91 Lurker

    I use the ^3 (Cubed) Android Music Player. It has a swell interface and good options. For Android 2.3 onwards it has an equalizer. I have also downloaded an app called DroidShuffle which integrates with ^3 so that i can assign the headset button to control the music player (single click button for next, double click for previous, etc) Very handy.

  18. LINGAM

    LINGAM Newbie

    thank you. i will try it . both the MIUI and the Uber beta are good But they lack equalizer..there is a problem with the inbuilt music player.when i try to open the player i get a message- 'this application Music(process com.google.android.music) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again". and it asks me force close.
    but if i open my music file from my files and use the inbuilt music player from the choice of MIUI ,uber and this it plays the file but most of the time the eq is not accessible.
    help please. should i uninstall the MIUI AND UBER?
    THANKS IN ADVANCE. i am a near zero in tech. what is CM 7?
    One eq app was there in the market but not for ace GT-S5830
    VOLUME + both free and paid versions are incompatible with this phone
  19. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

    CM7- cyanogen mod 7 (coming soon)
    Was there any stock music player problem before installing other players?

    For now, try
    Poweramp - inbuilt equalizer (works)
    Player Pro - free DSP plugin (works)

    I have used both.
  20. LINGAM

    LINGAM Newbie

    No. there was no problem before installing other players. i will try these.thanks for the reply

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