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Best option for hour-by-hour weather?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bobby9, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Bobby9

    Bobby9 Member
    Thread Starter

    HTC's looks nice but is only so helpful. Is there a nice app or is it better just to bookmark weather.com or something?

  2. rphusker

    rphusker Newbie

    I have both The weather channel and weatherbug elite. The both have their pro's and con's. I think I like TWC a little better. It has current, hourly, 36 hour and 10 day forecasts. The radar takes a little longer to load than with WB elite but they both work well.
  3. Outatime

    Outatime Android Expert

    I've disliked WB on every phone I've used so far (Storm I, iPhone) but I love it on the Inc. It's fast and accurate. Easy on the battery. It does hourly too.
  4. AMTrombley0924

    AMTrombley0924 Android Enthusiast

    I have to recommend WeatherBug simply because it gives you the option to chose how often you want it to update. Theres another free app called weatherbug locator than you should download also to enable it to follow you if you travel. I go from Los Angeles to San Diego on a weekly basis and it really helps to have it follow me. If it's hour-by-hour accuracy, go with WB. Go with the free one too, if there's a paid option.

    Weather Channel, like above posters have said, have a better forecast system that gives you weather up to 10 days in advance, but my answer is based on you asking for hour-by-hour accuracy.
  5. Steven58


    I have weather channel. It's free. Me likes free.
  6. nightfishing

    nightfishing Android Enthusiast

    +1 for wb elite.

    rock solid on my inc.
  7. MrGoodCat

    MrGoodCat Member

    if you want the best "hour-to-hour" weather updates...just look out your window...
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  8. mickym5

    mickym5 Member

    I have heard complaints about HTC's weather/combination not automatically updating since I started following these forums when I first got my Droid ERIS. When I bought the DINC and started following those forums, I heard the same exact complaints. Weird thing is my DINC does update the weather hourly all by its lonesome. Anyone else notice this?
  9. zeke88

    zeke88 Well-Known Member

    i used all 3, htc, TWC, and WB
  10. rcrott1

    rcrott1 Android Enthusiast

    best app, EVER!

  11. FrozenIpaq

    FrozenIpaq Well-Known Member

    I hate all the currently offered weather applications. I just have a page bookmarked on my browser to my local weather/news website...
  12. TheSultan

    TheSultan Android Expert

    this drains my battery bad!
  13. Jakaro

    Jakaro Android Enthusiast

    +1 Weather Bug Elite, was slow on my storm, but man its awesome on this phone. Comes with some fairly nice widgets, lets you change text color, and background color of the widget as well.

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