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Best Palm desktop memo replacement

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by goosecat, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. goosecat

    goosecat Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm transitioning my PIM's from my Palm TX to a shiny, new Evo. Big jump I know. My major concern was how to manage the hundreds of memos I had accumulated over the years. I loved the simplicity of the Palm desktop, offline access, and easy syncing but was having trouble finding a good alternative on android even after reading through many forums. I stumbled onto B-folders which seems to work great as a Palm desktop memo replacement.

    B-folders has a desktop component that is similar to the Palm desktop in its simplicity and ease of use. It's actually cleaner than the example they have on their website. The B-folders app is also nice and clean.

    Porting hundreds of memos in multiple different categories was actually very easy. Here's how I did it:
    1)On the Palm desktop within a category, select all memos.
    2)Export as a csv file. When it asks to specify export fields, only check "Memo".
    3)On the B-folders desktop, import as a generic csv file.
    4)A new folder called "Imported Data" will be created. Right click on it to edit the name.
    5)Repeat for all your memo categories.
    6)Sync with your app and you're done! You'll have all your memos on your desktop and phone and can sync them anytime. I used wifi to sync.

    There is a 30 day trial after which it costs $30. I'm not one to usually pay for apps but this one might be worth it. Hopefully this helps all those die-hard PalmOS users left out there!

  2. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Android Expert

    Welcome to the forum! :D

    Very good to hear you found a working solution! The traditional first(ish) post is "Best Palm desktop memo replacement?" or "How do I...". :)

    Personally I'm using Note Everything, and managing without the desktop component (I'm on Linux, so nothing is available anyway :rolleyes:).
  3. (G)

    (G) Android Expert

    I came from loving my Palm Notepad and Memopad and am using Note Everything now.

    Note Everything has an automatic Palm Memo importer, which imported all 200+ of my memos in one step and even kept the same folder structure I had on my Treo.

    As a "plus," Note Everything also has the ability to create memos you draw with your finger on the screen, just like Memopad did. So you can jot down a quick phone number or draw a quick map and save that.

    Additionally, it will also save voicememos and will sound calendar alarms based on memos -- neither feature of which I've used.

    But Klaymen's right -- there's no desktop sync, nor can you create memos on a desktop and send them to the phone.

    That said, Note Everything notes are saved with My Backup, and they're searchable from within Power Search.

    This is one of my top 5 "must-have" apps on the Droid.
  4. goosecat

    goosecat Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I did try Note Everything first actually. I imported all my Palm memos into NE. The phone app works great and has a smaller font than B-folders which is nice. However, I couldn't get NE Gdocs to sync due to a "credentialing error". It also seems that NE Gdocs can only sync a single memo at a time which isn't very useful. If NE can fix those 2 problems then it potentially could be a good memo solution also.
  5. chewedpup

    chewedpup Well-Known Member

    Former Palm user - great NOTES/MEMO/NOTEPAD program found OK - after trying ALL of the other programs out there, Evernote, Note Everything, etc. I found out that they work great if you want to be able to sync with the internet (I think that's what they call cloud syncing?) - but I wanted a program that I could open on my desktop, add/edit/delete the memos there, and then sync that with my phone, either directly with a USB cable or through wifi. The most important thing to me was that I can actually open up each memo/note and read it, change it etc. ON my computer. B-FOlders is THE program for that (THANKS TO THE PEOPLE ON THIS PARTICULAR THREAD FOR RECOMMENDING IT) - the only one I could find that solved that problem. It has a password protection feature too - not as great as the Palm desktop by Access because there you could make private any notes you didn't want to be seen, so I could have 100 visible notes, and lots of other memos hidden away. I don't think this has that feature, but it's the closest I've come to the Palm desktop Manager (which I miss TERRIBLY). It still is THE best thing out there - but as I said, this is a close second. This is only my second day using it - I will give it the full 30 day trial and then check back in here and let you all know. Thank you to those people who suggested it. It costs $29.99 to buy, but it would be worth it because none of the other programs seem to offer the computer editing abilities. Oh - I should add that the only way I could sync this was through wifi. I emailed them and asked how I could sync using the usb cable method, and they said any day now - they are working on that. Great response rate too :)
  6. TTF

    TTF Lurker

    Thank you for pointing me at B-Folders! It was the last thing I needed to complete my transition from Palm to Android. As the other posters in this thread already know, Palm was VERY GOOD at things that the Android platform just hasn't caught up on yet. (And let's not even get distracted by the ridiculous Android time-picker.)

    Most importantly, since the Palm didn't go to the cloud, some of us have very sensitive data to protect. I'd already given up on Palm replacements (programs that run on the Android platform and try to do everything that Palm did, but sync to everything under the sun.) I'd pulled all my sensitive data out, no small task, and was resigned to using the cloud even for things I'd really rather nobody could find just by hacking Google. But there are some things that are too important to trust to fate to protect.

    Most importantly, EverNote and NoteEverything have many bells and whistles... but don't seem to be able to do the simple stuff right.

    B-Folders does it ALL! It's obvious that a lot of improvements have been made since the original post above.

    1) There's a Palm import. You do a .csv export from your Palm desktop - a single operation for all your notes in all your categories - and then you do a Palm CSV import into B-Folders. Voila! All your data is there, in the correct categories, in two very quick steps.

    2) If you want to move things around, you drag and drop. (One of the posts I found was about difficulty with this, obviously before this feature was implemented.)

    3) I didn't even try the USB sync, but it's there. I was happy with the Wi-Fi sync. Click "sync", wait a few seconds and your computer pops up on the list of peers. Click on the computer, and the sync starts. It is done in a few seconds, and again, "Voila!" Everything is synced. It worked the first time, and I never had to type in anything. It was all automatic. (You DO have to create a blank database with the same password on the computer before you sync the first time.)

    4) Because I didn't realize that a blank database had to be created first, I emailed tech support. I got an answer in an hour.

    I haven't yet tried every feature they have, such as putting in pictures. Right now, I've moved my Palm notes and used the feature where you record the 9-odd million passwords you've accumulated. (I used that feature to find my password for Android Forums, which would have been more difficult to find on the Palm.)

    So again, "Thanks!" I've now replaced everything my Palm could do on my Android. (And I'd given up on that ever happening.)
  7. jj2me

    jj2me Well-Known Member

    Could you enumerate your solutions?
  8. goosecat

    goosecat Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'll chime in with my Palm PIM replacement solutions:
    1)Calendar - On my computer, I use google calendar in its own chrome window. This allows me to keep it open at all times and works very well in replacing both the Palm desktop calendar and task functions. I set up a desktop shortcut to C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --app="https://www.google.com/calendar/render" that opens up the calendar in its own chrome window without any tabs or address bar.

    On my phone, I use Jorte to view my google calendar.

    2)Tasks - As mentioned, the integrated tasks in the google calendar works pretty well.

    On my phone, I use GTasks which auto-syncs whenever it is opened.

    3)Contacts - I use gmail contacts. I have it bookmarked in my browser and open it as needed. Syncs automatically as well.

    On my phone, I use the default contacts manager which works fine.

    4)Memos - Still using B-folders and generally happy with it. The desktop app works great and is always open on my computer just like the google calendar. The B-folders phone app works well except for the fact you have to enter your password every time after the lock-out period (max 1 hr). Syncing is sort of a pain because I have to turn on wifi and open my phone app every time but it works.
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  9. CantFindAName

    CantFindAName Lurker

    I am in a similar position where my Palm LifeDrive is outliving its bulkiness. Because my flip phone is dying, I'm thinking of getting a smartphone that will replace both. I would like to be able to transition from my Palm to the new device without having to manually enter all my contact and calendar information.

    Some must-haves:
    1. A desktop application similar to Palm's, preferably a one-stop shop like the Palm but I think this is probably unrealistic.
    2. I don't want my data to synch in a "cloud". :eek:) I prefer direct synching with my PC.

    Any suggestions for smartphones and/or apps would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Android Expert

    As a former Palm user, big ups on still having a Lifedrive! :) Those were the good old days... I still have a fully functional T5, Treo and a few older models.

    Now, overall, if you are looking to avoid the "cloud," it would be tough (but not impossible) to do on Android.

    Did you use Datebk? If so, you could use the Android equivalent Pimlical, which has a Desktop Companion.
  11. jj2me

    jj2me Well-Known Member

    This Google calendar window is fabulous! Never much of a desktop Google calendar user, this somehow makes it seem so much more inviting and usable.

    Thanks so much, including spelling it out so clearly.

    EDIT: not worth a new post, but I see you use Jorte and GTasks for cal + tasks, instead of Jorte for both (like we use Google desktop Calendar for both). I assume it's because of the auto sync-on-open that you mentioned. I sorta like using Jorte for both calendar and tasks, even though Jorte doesn't have as nice a sync option--it only syncs manually (my preference) or on a fixed time interval, user-settable to every 5 mins. to every 12 hours.
  12. ArrIltlen

    ArrIltlen Lurker

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  13. scrohrer

    scrohrer Lurker

    I love my Palm Pre but have been talked into getting the Android. I'd like to keep the 6+ years of contacts/calendars/notes from my Palm and want to use something similar to the Palm desktop to sync my phone and my desktop (is Echo considered a "cloud")-it's all I've used for over 6 years!! Is it going to be an easy transition?
  14. DaveSyd

    DaveSyd Android Enthusiast

    Hi there,
    I am in the same boat on Palm migration, syncing and avoiding putting sensitive contact data I have on Google servers.... so I settled on using Companion Link (PC) and DejaOffice (droid). Works well in terms of synching. Anything I do on either platform is transferred across. I agree on the maturity on Android - or lack of for PIM applications. Even DejaOffice calendar and edits screens seem like mid 90's instead of 2006. Anyway if you search for "sync with Outlook" you will also see more info to complete the picture;


    PS. Pimlico has port across to Android with "Pimlical" and Windows Pimlical which Companion Link will work with also - but I haven't tried that path yet
  15. oldpalmguy

    oldpalmguy Newbie

    I have been using companionlink with deja office for a couple of months. Unfortunately it is totally unreliable. It looses address and datebook information during the synchronization process. It does not tell you what it has deleted. I have lost 10 plus years of calendar data and repeatedly lost all address book data (1500 plus contacts). It is not ready for prime time. However, their in person technical assistance/support is very good at trying to fix the problem after it happens. I have learned to maintain my Palm Desktop as the primary source and to only overwrite the Android files, not to "synch" as that inevitably leads to problems.
  16. LegalITGuy

    LegalITGuy Lurker

    Just finished the transition of client attorney's data from Palm Treo and Desktop to Droid 2.0 capable (also Win Phone 7 transition failure):
    1) The windows phone 7 was able to import all contacts and appointments via outlook - and windows Live Mail using export to CSV, massage data, import CSV. Gmail and Hotmail contact limitations (<1000 contacts until overridden limitation) forced the Outlook/Live Mail route.
    2) Droid using B-Folders to import all the contacts and memos, allows wireless synching with B-Folders desktop on multiple desktop/laptops/droids. If B-Folders had sorting features (like sort by last name, sort by any field) AND if it was available for WP7, it would be the perfect solution - these 2 failures may be show-stoppers in your environment).
    3) Contact synching between outlook and Gmail remains problematic when more than 1 desktop involved (cloud synching is only viable solution and not an option with confidential client data).
    4) Large contact/memo files requires large SD storage and increased processor speed - this is limited by the phone manufacturers - and I will test again with the Droid 4.0 when more phones with this OS are available. Current phones tested (mostly HTC, but virtually every HTC phone was tested) shows performance strain, but B-Folders had the largest database and worst performance, your results may vary.
    5) Resetting the Droid 2.0 to factory defaults and reinstalling B-Folders was all that was needed to then synch with the desktop and retrieve all the data from last synch. This CAN be set to work even in roaming situations, but again we are not using cloud-type resources with this office.
    6) Legal software on the desktop like Amicus Attorney or PC Law will complicate the synching process, as these require Outlook contact synchronization. The makers of this software have come up with their own "smartphone" solutions that are outside of the scope of this thread. I bring this up only for the benefit of others out there dealing with critical third-party software to anticipate that requirement driving the transition to smartphones.

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