Best pocket phone


I'm looking to move up into the smartphone field. I've been looking at the Droid phones. I'm wondering what phone is best to carry in your pocket?

Currently I have a Samsung clamshell phone. It is very small and fits in my pocket very easily. The Droid smartphones are considerably bigger (and for good reason, they do a whole lot more). I've looked at the Droid X, but I think it might be too big to comfortably fit in my pocket. I'm considering the HTC Incredible (not the Incredible 2) because it's a little bit smaller.

Are there any other good Droid phones that easily fit in the pocket?

I've read about the Thunderbolt, but 4G isn't available where I live (and won't be for a very long time) so I'm thinking it might be a waste.

I'm sure a bigger screen size (4.3") is better, but since I've never had a smart phone, I don't think I necessarily have to have the bigger screen size. I think something that can be carried in my pocket would be worth more to me than the larger screen size.

Just looking for any suggestions.


HTC Incredible S and Nexus S are my recommendation, both have 4.0" screen size, big estate and in the same time pocket-and-hand-friendly! :D