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Best recovery?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tavisc, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. tavisc

    tavisc Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi everyone. My girlfriend finally took the plunge and got a smartphone. Now I'm trying to convince her to switch to a custom ROM, probably martinez's Super Helado. I've had several different android phones, so I'm no stranger to rooting, recoveries, ROMs and the like. But, I've never used a Reverb, so I just want to double check some stuff before I start messing with her phone.:D

    First, is CWM the preferred recovery? I've used it before, as well as TWRP and 4ext, but I know some ROMs don't like to play nice with certain recoveries.

    Secondly, is the rooting/returning to stock ICS guide here: http://androidforums.com/reverb-all-things-root/721940-welcome-jelly-bean-rooting-returning-ics-stock-forcing-ota-update.html
    up to date/still in use?

    Finally, anything else I should know with this phone? Thanks!

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  2. soxtober05

    soxtober05 Android Enthusiast

    Although I'm no developer...far from it, actually, I'm pretty sure that CWM is the only one working for the Reverb. Yes, those links are still serving their purpose...and I would also keep these close by:

    This is pretty much where our journey originated. The OP of that thread, xInterlopeRx, and Shabbypenguin...our resident champions for this device (Thanks guys!)... run a website called 'Official Unloved Device Hit Squad' or OUDHS. And you can locate a hyper-link to their forum here, on AF, by going into your thread preferences/edit and it's near the bottom...just hit the tic box and it'll save.
    Also, this one will save your bacon in case..."for WHATEVER reason"...things go 'south', or, 'not as anticipated'...you will still be assured of having a stock 'out of the box' rom to fall back on (and your lady will STILL have a working phone)...


    As far as anything else; the update to 4.1.2 has been a little 'dicy'...reports are abound with randomly freezing lockscreens and broken GPS; and some are reporting no problems at all...so do your due-diligence before committing to it.

    Hope this helps...good luck!

  3. superboy4444

    superboy4444 Android Expert

    Also check out jellybean sandwich
  4. soxtober05

    soxtober05 Android Enthusiast

    Didn't mean to slight you SB, or any others out there working hard...I was pretty tired when I posted that up...
  5. superboy4444

    superboy4444 Android Expert

    Try out party time

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