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Best ROM to flash for a first timer?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tree_noob, May 24, 2010.

  1. tree_noob

    tree_noob Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok, so my replacement Eris will be in the mailbox waiting for me to get home today (excited, hell yea!)...

    I have looked up many tutorials and plan on taking the plunge to root my phone. I have looked through all of the posts in reguards to different ROMs to flash.

    My question is, as a new root user, which is best for me? The few requirements I want for sure is:

    Quick Dialer
    Live Wall Paper
    Sense if possible
    Custom theme/ui
    Apps 2 SD
    Smooth and everything works

    Thanks for any help. Will be glad to donate to anyone with some good advice.

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  2. ljbaumer

    ljbaumer Well-Known Member

    if you want something super fast and everything works great you should flash ic3[ROM] [5/11/10] Ic3Rom v2.0 [Overclocked - Apps2SD - Crazy Fast] - xda-developers vut it dosen't have sense or live wallpapers (both are un-necessary) so if you really need both of those just try a different one like aloysius [ROM] Aloysius 2.0 PORT V11 with OC, Friendstream and APP2SD (5/11/10) - xda-developers

    there are other really cool roms out there aswell like the cynogen mod rom that just got ported... i think it is called white wash or something... here is the link: {ROM}White Widow_v1.2{ROM}(5-24)Newest CyanogenMod/JIT/LWP/New A2SD/MMS Fix - xda-developers
  3. hallstevenson

    hallstevenson Android Expert

    Mind if I add my "wants" ?

    Reasonably fast (at least not laggy)
    Google's apps
    Sense (optional ... been trying different 'home' or 'launchers' but like HTC's widgets)
    App2SD (optional)

    Heh, I think that's a pretty reasonable list of requests.
  4. ljbaumer

    ljbaumer Well-Known Member

    use ic3!!!
  5. pkopalek

    pkopalek Android Expert

    I'd go with Ivan's Eris_Official 1.0 OC.

    It's the first, last, and most reasonable ROM you ever might flash, if you dont' get caught up in the mania of different ROMs.

    It's visually 100% stock looking SenseUI, with all .pngs optimized (makes it faster than a plain jane SenseUI ROM), 100% stable, the best and most sought after features are included - Apps 2 SD, Overclocking -, and is 100% functional. No messing around with broken MMS, broken WiFi, Force Closes, nothing. Everything just works.

    I use Ivan's every single day. Every time I try something else, I miss the fact that I had 100% functionality, and that EVERYTHING just 'worked'. All the beautiful functionality of the BEST ROMs out there, but the beautiful, tame, stable interface of the normal Droid Eris you know and love.

    That's Ivan's. I highly personally recommend it.

    Eris_Official 1.0 Alpha With Controllable Overclocking! [5/9/2010] - xda-developers
  6. Rossco_Pee

    Rossco_Pee Android Enthusiast

    Grdlocks Vanilla ROM is also very stable (includes live wallpapers). You can also install is OC patch to get OC working.
  7. buff12db

    buff12db Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this response. So to install this, do I just follow the instructions in the 1.5 to root 2.1 sticky thread? And is the latest download the link found at the bottom of the OP in your link under "Downloads?"
  8. hallstevenson

    hallstevenson Android Expert

    Paul, in the thread at XDA you mention giving up Navigation and something related to HTC's full-screen weather animation. Is that only if someone adds the OpenGL stuff ? I presume Ivan's ROM does NOT include this and that Navigation DOES work ? I can live w/o the weather animation...
  9. dirtmouth

    dirtmouth Android Enthusiast

    UI too will be new to rooting. Do i need to do the sdk thing as my pc is down.
  10. s_wall98

    s_wall98 Newbie

    I don't know that you need to do the sdk thing but I would
  11. pacedrum69

    pacedrum69 Well-Known Member

    I am getting a replacement Eris on Wed...... I am currently running the v3 leak. I like it, but i love the idea of customizing my phone and totally pimping it out. Problem is...im just a dumb musician lol, and I dont fully understand all this stuff. I really want to "root" my phone. Right now I have Launcher Pro installed, and LOVE it. I am looking for a snappy phone, thats easy for me to install and uninstall apps, depending on what I like and dont like. What would you all suggest?? I would like to become more educated on this so if anyone has a few minutes to chat, that also would be great . Ill send you a CD from my band for the help...I play drums for Craving Lucy (in the top 40 for active rock radio). Thanks in advance....Please send me a pm or a comment.:eek:
  12. buff12db

    buff12db Well-Known Member

    I flashed Ivan's rom tonight, and it is very quick. The wireless tether worked too without incident. I am very happy with my phone right now. Much better than 2.1v3 leak :D
  13. tree_noob

    tree_noob Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Boo, so my replacement is going to be here today /cry...

    Anyways while I have this post made, I was wondering if anyone here could give me a little bit more in depth information in reguards to a NANDbackup. I have searched and semi-understand the reason behind doing so (flash back to a working state if a ROM is jacked!). But how exactly does the process work to actually save a good state of a installed rom to if I have to revert back to that save, how would I go about doing so?

    Thanks again for all your guys help, devs rock!
  14. erisuser1

    erisuser1 Android Expert

    What Paul says here mirrors exactly my experience.

    It says a lot about the quality of Ivan's work, especially if you consider that Ivan doesn't even own an Eris.

    Frankly, the further a ROM strays from stock, the more problems you are going to experience. That's because the devs don't have the testing bandwith that HTC and Verizon do, and as soon as you start severing things out of one ROM, and pasting other things in, you are going to experience problems due to software dependencies that the "dev" can not easily detect without careful testing - or hardware problems (because every handset is just a little different!) I liked EE2.0b - until I tried browsing the internet from my phone at night. That tiny little bug (no backlight on softkeys) was enough to make me dump that ROM in a heartbeat.

    Sure, it's cool to try out a ROM just to see what it can do; I gave kaosFroYo a shot yesterday just to see what 2.2 looked like, even though it was obvious even before I loaded it that I wouldn't be using it for very long.

    Official_1.0_OC is my base camp, and I make Nandroid backups of it nearly every day (to pick up further tweaks or app updates); all the rest of them at this point are day hikes away from base camp.

    Not saying I won't eventually change base camps; but for now, that's my choice.

  15. IzelTokatl

    IzelTokatl Android Enthusiast

    I'm actually using "Ivan's Eris_Official 1.0 OC", but have 2 issues, inbound audio on calls are low, and SU wont budge past the greybar... so I can't use setCPU or root explorer or any super users stuffs. Other than that it seems pretty solid and faster than OTA. So far I recommend it for basic stability. I'm working on a few fixes to see if wiping it fixes the issues per Ivan.


    I fixed my issue. this ROM rocks, I had an older version which wasn't the 1.0. the SU issue was due to my not wiping after the flash. now it works solid.
  16. s_wall98

    s_wall98 Newbie

    So you have USB debugging on?
    I was having that same problem on another rom after doing a nand or flashing something. I was ready to wipe, flash, and try again before I realized it.
  17. tree_noob

    tree_noob Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Someone mind giving me a quick breakdown on nandbackups?

  18. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Android Expert

    Boot into recovery mode (Power + hold down volume +)

    Go into backups/retore (think that's what the option is)

    DO a NAND backup.

    In there you will also see the option for nand restore.

    If you ever jack your phone up, delete something you shouldn't... or install something you shouldn't...

    You can always boot into recovery and restore the nand backup.
    It will restore phone phone to exactly the way it was at time of backup.

    It will even bring back apps you've deleted since... and remove new apps you installed after.

    Good to do every once in a while. but especially if your playing around with new roms.
  19. santeezi03

    santeezi03 Newbie

    This may already be answerd, but if I'm already running 2.1v3 on my Eris, Can I root?
  20. kejar31

    kejar31 Newbie

    LOL your joking right?
  21. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Android Expert

    Yes it has been answered. No you cannot root from the leaks. Sorry :cool:
  22. tree_noob

    tree_noob Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks a ton man.

    Now what would you suggest in terms of ROMs to be the quickest(specifically the dialer, cant stand how slow the stock dialer is) that also supports GPS/MMS/WiFi/and LWP, OC would be nice too!

    Looking at so far evil eris, ivans 1.0, white widow(wish that guy would post some screen shots), or Aloysius 2.0 PORT V12, ZenEXP.

    Main question I'd like to know, if I install a ROM that doesn't natively come with Live Wallpapers installed, can I use the LWP.zip I downloaded and install it to any ROM to get them to work?

  23. aznguyen316

    aznguyen316 Member

    all this talk about ivan's makes me want to try it. I have evil eris on mine and it was my first rom flash and pretty happy with it, love the apps2sd and OC, but it's not super fast but I have no comparison since since I got my eris 4 days ago I rooted it lol.

    If I want to reflash rom, what are the basic steps? Download, put onto sd card, reboot into recovery, make a nandflash, then wipe the install rom? Do I have to do both wipes? Like some other cache thing I forget the name.. thanks guys

    btw, what's the easy way to backup apps so I don't have to re-d/l everything from market after reflash?
  24. Rossco_Pee

    Rossco_Pee Android Enthusiast

    Yes, you'll probably want to wipe dvalik cache as well. But you've got all the right steps down.

    Easiest way to backup apps is using a file manager (ASTRO). Hit menu/tools/backup and you should be able to navigate from there.
  25. ckotten

    ckotten Lurker

    I've been running GRDLOCK's Vanilla Droid for over a month. It's stable, but I'm a little bored with it O:) If I flashed Ivan's 1.0 ROM and wanted to use the wireless tethering, would I have to have to go to the \tools\ directory of my SDK, run "adb shell", and then "su" to get the tethering to work? Just curious - I'm away from my main computer for a couple weeks.

    I'm also contemplating Evil Eris 2.1. Any thoughts on which ROM (Evil Eris 2.1 or Ivan's 1.0) is best for stability & speed? Thanks!

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