Android Enthusiast
May 21, 2012
What are some of the best roms to flash? Please include good and bad opinions on them. Are there any roms that you noticed have actually increased speaker volume? I am s-on and rooted not using 4ext. I tried to use it but it changed my phone id and I had to redo everything. Thanks
Mobster Rom's my fave so far. Combined with the Anthrax kernel, I get amazing battery life with great performance. I went from CWM, to TWRP and now 4ext and have never had any problems, especially with the changing of device ID's. Did you have an issue with Nandroid backups?
No prob with back up. Went to restore apps with titanium and it said id had changed. Went into play store to download and it wouldn't download apps. I tried the one Rom and it kept giving me WiFi error when I would turn it on