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Best S21 5G cases

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ironass, Jan 20, 2021.

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    These days a case for your phone is a must given the amount of glass and the cost of repair. A good phone case can be a very sound investment for any new owner.

    Already we are beginning to see the web being flooded by cases for the the S21's which range from the silicon sleeves right up to the tough armoured cases, with or without kick stands, wallets and the list goes on.

    So, which case are you getting?

    Samsung are obviously offering a range of cases...

    Samsung Phone Covers U.K.

    Also, some on-line stores are offering a range of cases from well known manufacturers such as OtterBox, Spigen, Olixar, etc:

    MobileFun in the U.K. have an ever growing range of cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G...

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases

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