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best screen protector for razr

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Andy in NY, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Andy in NY

    Andy in NY Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    ive used invisishield in the past and like them... but am not a big fan of the orange peel texture. anyone have any suggestions for good ones that feel naked? i love the feel of a naked screen.

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  2. JediZombie

    JediZombie Well-Known Member

    I use Zagg, they still have a slight "orange peel" texture but it actually allows your fingers to slide better than a naked screen. Had one on mt Droid X and got on on me Razr on day one.
  3. stroca

    stroca Lurker

    I've been happy with Phantom Skinz.
  4. tCizzler

    tCizzler Member

    No matter what I try, I always end up with a Zagg invisible shield. Realook always made great temporary screen protectors, they are extremely scratch resistant for temporary covers. But they don't make them for the RAZR yet, AFAIK
  5. thedrizl

    thedrizl Android Enthusiast

    Had my Razr for over a month and have never had a screen protector on it. Maybe I've been lucky so far, but not a single blemish yet. And the screen is simply amazing, I don't want to have to cover it.
  6. Andy in NY

    Andy in NY Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    i dont want to put one on... and the gorilla glass helps. i do like a naked screen, however i am a bit rough on my phones and already a week later i have a slight scratch on it so i need to protect it.

    maybe ill just stick to zagg invisishield. i get them half price anyways so why not. i was just looking for something good without the orange peel effect. that and they tend to be more prone to smudging and needing cleaning more often than naked glass.
  7. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice


    Best screen protectors hands down IMO. Feels great, crystal clear, easy to install.
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  8. morgansez

    morgansez Lurker

    ewwww i hate zagg.

    that orangepeel is so gross and they swear it's a good thing. use SKINPEA anti-ripple skins. it has NO icky orangepeel!! it's kinda expensive but worth every penny. doesn't even scratch and i LOVE it!!
  9. Adauth

    Adauth Android Expert

    Klean Kare. Cut perfectly and protects great.
  10. narayanan9190

    narayanan9190 Android Enthusiast

    lol are there so many brands of screen protectors there ? i installed this ,
    rainbow guard .
    Its pretty good and works fine.:cool:
  11. Matesims23

    Matesims23 Well-Known Member

    I have always used ZAGG... but i agree with the texture, kinda sucks, but dang the protection is awesome
  12. PeninaD

    PeninaD Member

    SGP / Steinheil Ultra Crystal. I used this on my DINC for over 1.5 years... still looked pretty good.
  13. Matesims23

    Matesims23 Well-Known Member

    I hear ghost armor is good too, never used one though... would appreciate feedback on this one
  14. bigtex19

    bigtex19 Android Enthusiast

    Didnt know if there was anything new out that I didnt know about. I like the SGP, but might swing to something different
  15. bighaubs

    bighaubs Lurker

    SGP Ultra Crystal is the only one in my opinion.
  16. fdnj48

    fdnj48 Android Enthusiast

    I use Ghost Armor and haven't had any problems. I've never tried the SPG one tho. So I can't really compare the two
  17. JediZombie

    JediZombie Well-Known Member

    I've been using Zagg on my phones for 2 years. IMO, any high end screen protector is worth it.
  18. bigtex19

    bigtex19 Android Enthusiast

    I have one coming with the dualtek case that I got, but I was thinking about going with steinheil ultra fine
  19. PRT940

    PRT940 Lurker

    I've used both the ZAGG and SGP screen protectors on my RAZR. Here are my opinions:
    - ZAGG: Unscratchable, but makes the RAZR's display very grainy, IMO. Does not smudge much. The protector has the usual ZAGG "rubbery" feel -- I don't mind it, but some people might. The protector covers just about every inch of the RAZR's front (other than the openings for the camera, microphone, and LED indicator). Installation can be tricky if you haven't done a ZAGG screen protector before. ZAGG only includes 1 screen protector in the package.
    - SGP (Ultra Crystal): Smudges easily, and also does show scratches over time. But it feels like it isn't even there, and it does not detract from the RAZR's beautiful display at all. The protector covers probably 90-95% of the RAZR's front (there will be small unprotected areas of the outer bezel on the top/bottom/left/right). Installation was a snap -- I got it right the first time. SGP includes 2 screen protectors in the package.

    For what it's worth, I like the clarity, feel, and ease of installation of the SGP, but prefer the durability of the ZAGG. So you can decide which attributes are most important to you.

    For anybody doing their first install of a screen protector, I recommend spending some time with YouTube, watching videos of other people's installations.
  20. bigtex19

    bigtex19 Android Enthusiast

    yeah i agree. i have had them both (on other phones), im just thinking i might want to give the anti fingerprint thing a try
  21. drabidea

    drabidea Member

    Doesn't the razr have gorilla glass???
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  22. morgansez

    morgansez Lurker

    I used to have ghost armor too.. it looks like skinomi.

    To be specific, it looks like there are veins going accross the screen?? :vollkommenauf:

    The best is the Skinpea brand. Has a real solid and professional feel to it.
  23. morgansez

    morgansez Lurker

    There's a third option: Skinpea anti-ripple screen protectors

    I've also tried the brands above and I agree wholly.

    The only reason I switched brands (from Zagg to Skinpea) is because I just could not stand the ugly reflection on Zagg's skin. It has a weird wave-like rippling effect (http://www.theipadguide.com/images/content/review-invisibleshield10.jpg). I'm so glad I found a brand that also thinks this is ugly.. and not really INVISIBLE lol
  24. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    Screen protector threads merged.
  25. Bugly

    Bugly Android Expert

    The best screen protector, IMHO, is being careful in the first place. I am an auto mechanic by trade and have grit and grease on my fingers all the time. i just wipe 'em off before I do anything with my phone. an occasional cleanup with a rag soaked lightly in glass cleaner is all it takes to remove anything else.I really dislike the screen protectors that I have used, since they trap grease and scratch way easier than gorilla glass, plus, they seem to dull the response to touch when using the touch screen for almost anything. I prefer naked.

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