Best screen protector for S8


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I like to put on a protective on my screen, preferably glass type.
So i purchased a glass curved cover...these are useless as they protrude past the curved edges, and thus should NEVER be made/sold/used! They only have a small adhesive peripheral strip which is totally ineffective. It also interferes with the rear SPIGEN cover i have.

I have tried a film type as well, but also clashes with my cover, and comes away.
Anyone any better ideas of known product?

Or is best option to just go for a glass cover for the flat portion?


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I never thought I'd pay $45.00 for a screen protector but, after wasting money on several tempered glass protectors for my S8, I bought the Whitestone Dome Glass Tempered Screen Protector from Amazon and it's been great.


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Thanks, not be spending that money, especially when i don't know if it will work with rear cover!
Snakehive, sorry don't like or use flip covers!