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Best screen protector?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by HuskyKMA, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. HuskyKMA

    HuskyKMA Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    What brand of screen protectors do you all like? I've heard people talking about Zagg, Wrapsol, and Phanton Skinz, but which is the best? Preferrably would like one that is not very "grippy" and has as little orange peel effect as possible. Thanks!

  2. smittythepig

    smittythepig Android Enthusiast

    i've used all the zagg-type ones and just don't like how they look. just got the ultimate screen guard from seidio and it's great. i much prefer these quality static cling types. crystal clear and doesn't show fingerprints as bad.
  3. Has anyone tried the three-pack sold by VZW themselves? Three for $12.99 sounds good, and I doubt there's a huge difference between screen guards; either it works or it doesn't. It's clear, or it isn't. Anyone know from experience or word of mouth?
  4. Geekasaurus

    Geekasaurus Lurker

  5. smittythepig

    smittythepig Android Enthusiast

    they're ok but my problem with them is they don't cover the whole screen. bottom row of buttons is uncovered and part of the top near the earpiece. they also don't stay on really well. but they are clear and decent quality.
  6. Geekasaurus

    Geekasaurus Lurker

    Glad it was useful. I thought it better to direct you there instead of copy pasting the review. Good luck and let us know what you think.
  7. Will do, man. Went two months, almost, without a case or cover and i figured that was long enough without protecting at least the screen. I don't think I want a case since it'll be too bulky, but the screen guard is a must.
  8. lefty27

    lefty27 Newbie

    I got the shell holster combo its great. If you dont use the holster you still got the skin on the phone. Im hard on phones so its perfect and the screen hasnt broke on me.Enter your location
  9. jeffgman

    jeffgman Well-Known Member

    I purchased the anti-glare version from Boxwave. I think it is a great screen protector. You can even take it off and wash it and reapply it. I used a Boxwave for my old XV6800 phone also and loved it.

  10. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I have always been a big fan of Clarivue screen protectors. They are very easy to put on, you can take them off, clean it with water and put it back on, and do their job phenomenally. I will continue to use Clarivue for all of my screen protecting needs on my future mobile devices.

    Clarivue Screen Protectors - Blackberry, iPhone 3G, HTC protection
  11. jeffgman

    jeffgman Well-Known Member

    Those do look like good screen protectors. I might have to try them in the future.

  12. martinkrisuk

    martinkrisuk Lurker

    I have owned Zagg/Shieldzone shields for every portable electronic device I have owned. I just got mine for my Eris, the response is the same as it was before I put it on, it looks clear, little orangepeel, and if it scratches in some way, I get another one for free. Worth every penny.
  13. ninjoblio

    ninjoblio Newbie

  14. Jethro

    Jethro Well-Known Member

    I bought a Zagg but never put it on (anyone want it :rolleyes: ).

    I ended up getting a Boxwave ClearTouch Crystal screen protector and like it a lot. It's totally clear (they have another one that's anti-glare) and very smooth. It cleans up OK and you really have a hard time feeling any difference. And you can apparently take it off, clean and reapply, but I haven't tried this.
  15. akg62

    akg62 Lurker

    is there any stores where any of these covers can be found, like maybe Radio Shack, or are they pretty exclusively sold online?

    ...I don't want the ones from Verizon.
  16. shrink57

    shrink57 Android Expert

    Just installed my Boxwave Crystal on my Droid and found it quite painless (unlike the Zagg I trashed when I first bought my phone). The screen feels and looks great (as smooth as the original screen with no loss of responsiveness). I am a very happy camper.
  17. Syv3n

    Syv3n Well-Known Member

    Ghostarmor at best buy is by far the best screen protector. Feels like the regular screen really responsive and nice feel to it.
  18. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Android Expert

    I installed this HTC Droid Eris Screen Protector two days ago. Works great. Had an "Ebay special" on there before that was complete garbage. Can't tell the Skinomi is on there (just as smooth as OEM screen and no loss of function), has UV protection, and lifetime warranty. Buy it on Amazon for $9.99.
  19. Benrx

    Benrx Well-Known Member

    I bought some screen protectors from eBay, and they are terrible. The phone responds, but the feeling is tacky to the touch like a thin piece of rubber or soft silicon. I'm not sure how to describe it. I have some from Wal-mart that you have to cut yourself. Its a pain, but the skin is super slick and smooth. You can't tell its there. Its like the hard surface of the phone itself.

    Can anyone recommend one that is very slick to the touch, but that I don't have to cut. Also, if you know where to get them, let me know.

    I'd rather not put anything on it, but I'm rough on phones, so I'm playing it safe.

  20. yasikwidit

    yasikwidit Newbie

    I have the ghost armor screen protector on my eris. It does require the spray solution and some patience to put on. After 20 mins of prep and application, pushing out bubbles, etc., and about 2 days for everything to dry, I find it very worth it. The screen response is still very good.

    the ghost armor website has the whole body + screen kit right now for only $15.
  21. ttaylor0024

    ttaylor0024 Android Enthusiast

    I have them. No problems whatsoever.
  22. Jdiulus

    Jdiulus Member

    I just bought a 3 pack of EZguards from Ebay. I should receive them tommorow. They only cost $4.00 so if they end up sucking it wont be a big loss.

    I will post once I have installed it and give my feedback.
  23. jpzsports

    jpzsports Well-Known Member

    I bought a silicon case and screen protector off ebay for only $5 and I love both. The case is excellent and the screen protector is great because it helps block the glare slightly, but without being too much of a matte finish. Also, it prevents fingerprint smudging. The only problem is that it's not great with scratches. I didn't think I would get many scratches in my pocket, but apparently I do because they're pretty noticeable now. Sadly I think I'm going to have to buy a new screen protector.

    Any recommendations? I just need the screen protector and I would like it to be affordable.

  24. ILoveMyDroid

    ILoveMyDroid Android Enthusiast

    is invisible shield any good? I think im using an invisible shield screen protector now but i never check the package labels even

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