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Best SMS messaging app?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by jjp3186, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. ErisUser539

    ErisUser539 Newbie

    I scrolled through and didn't see any but were there any other apps than chomp and handcent mentioned? I use handcent, because it's way better, it displays mms in the message screen without having to click to open it, the bubble chat is great for reading b/c it stands out which message is from who. HTC, and Motorola need to have a conference with Apple and learn how to make user friendly stuff, the iphone is so much better

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  2. tregrad

    tregrad Lurker

    handcent is not on the market right now? only the font packs. anyone know where to find it?
  3. Tunga

    Tunga Well-Known Member

    What I really like about the stock Sense Messaging app is that the edit box is large. I love Handcent for everything else it adds but why is the edit box so tiny? Such a waste of screen space.
  4. brownhornet

    brownhornet Android Enthusiast

    Well I have to admit I made this comment before trying the donate version of chomp. Im not going back.
  5. harriss

    harriss Newbie

    To be fair, ive got the HTC desire, and i have downloaded both HandCent and Chomp, and prefer the standard sms widget???
    Call me old school, but it works, no lag, does what is says on the tin, what more can you ask for, and as for the bubbles on the other 2, dont get me started lol

    but as always, each to their own

  6. WozzaTT

    WozzaTT Well-Known Member

    I like the bubbles(!) but both Chomp and Handcent gave me issues sending and receiving MMS messages so I've gone back to the stock app.

    It is a bit bland though and it annoyed me that the LED would only flash for about 5 minutes if you got a text message so I installed Missed Reminder too.
  7. ethomson

    ethomson Lurker

    Hi, I'm going to be getting an Evo on Sprint and where I live I have no Sprint coverage (forced into Sprint through my company). I was wondering if there is a way to receive SMS via a wi-fi connection? Used to have an iPhone and I know the third party texting apps would work via wifi. Wondering if that's the same for Android.

    Also, like the iPhone apps, do these Android apps require people to text you at some random number or can you just set these third party apps to receive text messages to your phone number instead of the standard sms app?
  8. batz67

    batz67 Lurker

    I installed Handcent. I have 2 issues with it. Firstly, i want a simple way, like a widget, to open a blank message box to start typing.

    Secondly, when you open Handcent, it goes straight to the list of recent messages / contacts. If i want to send a new message to someone that is not in the list on my screen (recent list) then i touch the top left icon, which opens a blank message and blank To:

    But when i click in the To: box and start to type in a name, why doesn't my list of contacts appear ??

    Is the only way to send a text to someone new, to go to the People Widget or old stock mess app ???
  9. Szadzik

    Szadzik Extreme Android User

    1. For a shortcut to new message - use bettercut or something like that.
    2. For contacts not showing - Make sure that under Settings>Send message settings the option 'show mobile num only' is not checked.

    I suppose that you have this option checked and numbers in your phonebook are not properly set as Mobile numbers and thus do nto show up in the search.
  10. pwabbit

    pwabbit Android Enthusiast

    To bring up your contacts list, press the plus sign to the right of the "to" entry block.
  11. Prim8

    Prim8 Well-Known Member

    You could go into Send Message Settings and enable Quick compose.
    Once you enable it just hold down the search button and you get a message window.
    If the person is in your contact list type a couple letters of their name and click on their name in the dropdown.
    If they're not in your contact list just type in their phone number.
    Then compose your message and send it.
  12. batz67

    batz67 Lurker

    tried all of the above with no luck. All of my contacts are on the phone memory NOT my sim memory. This is so i can show a pic for each contact.

    So i am assuming that the contact list only shows contacts on the sim cause it is showing no numbers when i press the +

    All the same problems with the quick compose otion mentioned.

    another problem with both handcent and the stock messaging app is the compose box is so small. Why have a compose box so small on a screen so big ? Any way to make it larger for typing large text messages ?
  13. Szadzik

    Szadzik Extreme Android User

    You must be doing something wrong. Have you checked the setting I asked you to check?

    No, contacts need to be on the phone not on the SIM for this to work.
  14. batz67

    batz67 Lurker

    mate :eek:)....i checked the settings. I have tried it all.

    You said above that the contacts need to be on my phone for it to work. Thats what i said above. They ARE on my phone. Not my SIM.

    Was about to uninstall Handcent and use the stock app with SMS popup, but the compose box is even smaller !!

    I can't believe there is not a decent messaging app yet !
  15. d.knight99

    d.knight99 Android Enthusiast

    +1 for handcent, fabulous messaging app and really customisable.

    Oh and OP - you can change both the icon and the label the same way you can with every other application by using Folder Organizer Lite (or pro.)

    Sorry if this has already been covered, I skimmed through but didn't see anyone mention it. There are a few threads explaining how to do it on here, hope it helps!
  16. egemenbor

    egemenbor Member

    although not free chompsms has a feature where you buy credits and you can use your wi fi connection to send texts.
  17. nicci

    nicci Lurker


    So i have had both Chomp SMS and Handcent and i liked Handcent alot but it would lag so much to get my picture messages im not sure if its my phone or if anyone else was having a problem with this. and i can't figure out how to set it as my default messager.

    I didn't like Chomp SMS there wasn't much to customize and i hated the bubbles, the look of handcent is much better and u can send audios and set audios as messagetones insted of just ringtones.

    anyone tryed shady sms?
  18. Roymus

    Roymus Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know why setting the action key to smiley on handcent is not working...I'm using Ultra Keyboard and for some reason this is refusing to work (going to Settings and changing the action key setting). Thanks!
  19. steveluigi

    steveluigi Lurker

    Another user with a related question. I have d/l and installed Chomp and i want to turn off notifications for the stock messaging program on 'Cyanogen 6.0', but can't find a way to do it. At the moment I am getting 2 notifications for every message I receive. I hve been into app settings and can't see a way to turn off the notifications anywhere.
    Any help appreciated please.
    Thank you

    P.S. Sorted it I think, I went into the stock messaging program and went into the settings in there as opposed to the general apps settings, and there you can turn off notifications. Well! I think I've done it, as i can't see where you can turn off audible notifications? I'll keep you posted if it works or whether I'm still getting 2 audible notifications when someone texts me :)
  20. MDbandit

    MDbandit Well-Known Member

    so in all of android theres only TWO messaging apps?(chomp/handcent)
  21. Skarn

    Skarn Lurker

    No, there are plenty more. But those two are the favorites of users.

    I personally prefer Handcent now that I've customized it. I have the Droid X and it never lags or slows anything.

  22. MDbandit

    MDbandit Well-Known Member

    i must have missed them all then

    can somebody list 2-3 of these "plenty more" sms programs?

    Thanks in advance

    (and i dont conside sms pop up a sms messaging program,i consider it just an addon)
  23. malunahe

    malunahe Lurker

    Hi, I used handcent but sometimes my friends would tell me that the messages they received had "?" embedded in the text. For example HI HOW ARE YOU would look like this H?I? H?O?W? A?R?E? Y?O?U? Anyone else has this issue. I've deleted te program and reinstalled it several times and for some reason the texts still come out the same. Also, the native text on HTC hero is ok, except that when you have a lockscreen, the text message still pops up, not allowing for privacy. Anyone know how to fix this?
  24. jerk12345

    jerk12345 Lurker

    Your phone is being tapped by the government. You should discard immediately and buy another one. They are intercepting your signal by 3G transmitter which then re-transmits the message. The ?'s are errors in the re-transmission. They are probably watching you right now.
    heyitsericc likes this.
  25. Bswartz95

    Bswartz95 Android Expert

    Has anyone put Handcent on the SD Card? Does it work properly? I know moving apps like Facebook to the SD Card will cause problems with syncing contacts. Just wondered if anyone tried to move Handcent.

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