Best STG(Shoot Target Game)-Advent Rush-will be released on Android soon



AD 2300, with the rapid development of science and technology, human take magic from fiction world into reality.However, then a new world war breaks out because of humans' greed for new energy.

Lasia was born in an outlying small country, which is rich and beautiful. But it is fated to be invaded, because of its richness of magic energy.


Robint, who was born in 2206, will be the the founder of Technological Magic when he grows up. During the last years of his life, Robint wrote an ultimate magic book, which can only be understood by himeself.


Lasia, fleeing from the enemies, travels through time with a mysterious book and, she find a boy......


As a developer, I am happy and proud to release the best STG game on Android platform. Energetic music, new control method, multi-touch supported, beautiful yet challenging bullet curtains, various levels, all of which will bring you the best game experiences and stimulating challenges.

How much score can you get?


And this is the game video:


It's not on the market yet, right? Let us know when it is, hard to assess a game without playing it!

From looking at your vid, it looks like it could be fun and you've clearly put a lot of effort into it. It does look like there is a lot of finger action to move the ship around, lots of dragging. Is this the case, can the sensitivity be put up so you can just keep your finger on the screen and directly track the aircraft with it?


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Looks interesting. As the above poster mentioned, there is too much finger swiping required as is. Either implement the above suggestion, that the ship follow the finger, or use the accelerometer to allow tilting of the phone to control the movement of the ship.


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Arghh al these previews! Just release the game already and surprise us with it then :)

Looks cool, please get a trial version as well though ;)
... Have...

... *Drool*.

This is a Awesome Game, Love the Vid. D: i get searching on the market and keep researching, "Is is available? how about now? how about now?" xD even though i know its not... haha.

I find it Very awesome and love the GFX on it. Hopefully everyone likes it and wants it as much i do! ^__^


Looks great! Have yet to try this type of game on my Evo. I'll add it to my queue and post a review once I get a chance to download it. Next week?
Been playing the hell out of this game and i gotta say with every update it's getting much better. It used to be very unplayable on my g1, but with all the updates on control tweaking and other fixes, i'm averaging a very smooth 25-29 fps during actual gameplay, it does dip down to 5-7fps after the huge boss explosion but then goes back to 25 on average. Huge props for this game working on older devices such as mine.