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Best tablet browser

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Evil Sports, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Evil Sports

    Evil Sports Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Just got this tablet and wondered what is the consensus on best browser


  2. Jore

    Jore Android Enthusiast

    I use the Dolphin HD browser....best in my opinion.
  3. cmcollins001

    cmcollins001 Member

    Dolphin HD browser is what I use on a day to day basis for my Tab and on my Evo. However, I found that Skyfire is good for downloading some videos that Dolphin HD won't handle. Dolphin has a better user interface with actual tabs and it has become my default browser. Just like my laptop, having different browsers for different reasons is usually the way to go.
  4. Evil Sports

    Evil Sports Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    +1 for dolphin, thanks guys
  5. lekky

    lekky Lover

    -1 for dolphin

    +1 for miren.

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  6. AmneonX

    AmneonX Android Enthusiast

    +2 for Dolphin HD. I use it on my Galaxy Tab, and my Droid X
  7. dan_in_sd

    dan_in_sd Lurker

    +3. I got dolphin hd about 5 days ago. Love it .love it.
  8. Guitar4him

    Guitar4him Member

    I also have a Droid X and a Galaxy Tab.....use Dolphin HD on both. It's an excellent browser....has some great plugins as well.
  9. Bxsteez

    Bxsteez Newbie

    Same here. Miren is much faster than dolphin hd but the UI can use some work.
  10. nambuco

    nambuco Lurker

    + 1 :)
  11. bandanajack

    bandanajack Lurker

    before add a third browser, wll someone tell me how to remove programs completely from my asus transformet tablet? are apps the android equivalent of programs, or are they 2 different animals completely? i now have 2 email applications and 2 browsers, Firefox Fennec and the native browser, whatever that is called nether one feels right to me. i would LIKE a browser that could be sized within the desktop so that could easily multitask. thanks in advance.
  12. Beeblebrok

    Beeblebrok Lurker

    Dolphin's the best I've tried for most use, but there are some pages it won't display. Firefox displays them -- eventually. So it's my backup browser for those cases. Opera Mobile is fairly good also.
  13. jf12

    jf12 Lurker

  14. ahache8

    ahache8 Lurker

    Download uninstaller to remove apps. Yes, they are the equivalent of PC programs. They write their configuration in storage and use system memory when run. Removing through the uninstaller will delete all system files.

    You won't be able resize windows in any app. Android runs the current app in the foreground and keeps others in your memory stack for quick retrieval. IMO, there's not really enough screen real estate to control two anyway.

    As for browsers I've been using Maxthon. It's quick, but you can't grab text...looks like I'm switching to dolphin.
  15. geeingu

    geeingu Member

    using the stock browser just seems much smoother then the others
  16. Zoandroid

    Zoandroid Android Expert

    I have a new Acer Iconia A500 tablet and I would love to install Miren on it, because that's the browser I came to like best on my Ally and Droid X phones. But when I look for it from the tablet on the Android Market, it is never there. Can I get it somewhere else to side load it to the Acer? (It is rooted stock Android 3.2 OS).

    Edit: I found a download of Miren Browser 1.2 on their website, and have it installed on the tablet. But it is very unstable. I can get to websites by searching through Google, but when I try to use Miren's bookmarks, History, or the tablet's "back" button on the screen, it FCs. Maybe that's why the Market doesn't list it for this tablet. Are you running the same 1.2 version, and has it been stable for you?
  17. andsa

    andsa Member

    Umm is there any browsers that supports hd, has html5 support, multitask support, good flash and useable UI?

    Cause the stock browser on my asus eeepad transformer 10.1" is good, for any site, exept that it misses html5 support and has a poor gpu support in web based applications.

    the dolphin browser has some of this but not support for an site that im often on and uses "ipboard" forum usage witch the dolphin doesnt support. but it has a good youtube flash support.

    and firefox is recuiring large amount of ram and power at last time i used it on my optimus 2x.

    So what can i use? :(
  18. Polo63119

    Polo63119 Member

    I have xscope browser pro for my evo and samsung tablet/ highly recommend
    reminds me of google chrome
  19. greenhaven

    greenhaven Lurker

    NOTE: Disregard this post. Issue resolved. I couldn't find a "delete" button when I clicked on the Edit button below.

    I have the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and just downloaded the Dolphin HD browser. So far, I'm liking it. Ran into an issue that isn't a big deal, but just curious if I'm missing something. I opened up fb using Dolphin and typed in a post. However, there's no "send" button next to the post text box nor is there an "enter" key (only a return key) on either the Android or Samsung keyboards. Noticed the same when I closed Dolphin and went into the stock browser. So there was no way to enter my post.
    However, if I opened the fb app directly (like I usually do) the "send" button did appear next to the text box within the fb page for me to touch and complete post.
    Am I missing something here?
  20. mkaczur

    mkaczur Lurker

    I first tried Dolphin then tried Skyfire 4. My pick was with Skyfire an amazing easy fast browser. In the settings you can click a box where the advertizing windows do not open a check mark is there for you to click if you want to view making the browser even faster. To bookmark a favorite site simply just keep your finger on the page it will ask to bookmark. No tabs at the top you slide the page up you have a full screen. You must try out this browser if you do give your opinion. Thanks
  21. qmagic

    qmagic Newbie

    I use the Dolphin HD browser. It works well and allows me to sync my bookmarks between my Tab and Razr.
  22. AmneonX

    AmneonX Android Enthusiast

    I have the Chrome Beta on my Galaxy Tab
  23. Polo63119

    Polo63119 Member

    i want chrome beta on my tablet/ where do i find this???
  24. HarryMonmouth

    HarryMonmouth Lurker

    I have been away from Android for a year or two now. Back when I had the HTC hero I always used Opera. I really like its data compression and it is also the browser I use on the iPhone in preference to Safari. However, since picking up the Dell Streak I have been unable to use Opera. The version in the app market seems clunky, unreliable and crude. I am pretty picky about my tech, particularly browsers. If something is not good enough then I will drop it like a hot potato. On Mac or PC I can only use Opera for email but I can only use chrome as a browser. I do try every option and any that don't cut it are outa here. The point I want to make is that the stock honeycomb
    browser suits me so well that I am actually in no hurry to try out anything else. I do intend to try Dolphin tomorrow. I disliked it on iOS but it is held in high esteem on Android and given that it sucked on iOS I imagine it must be on Android that it developed its good reputation. I wish I could get the ICS update because I would love to have chrome on my streak as it seems more natural but for the time being this stock browser is probably one of the things I am most impressed by since I returned to Android.
  25. FunkyRes

    FunkyRes Lurker

    I prefer Opera Mobile. I had issues with Dolphin and content sent as application/xml+xhtml

    Usually it rendered it but sometimes it would not, complaining the content was malformed.

    While it is true the content parsed as XML must be well-formed, I happen to know beyond any shadow of a doubt that the content WAS well-formed because it was generated as a DOM object and sent as a dump of the DOM. No other browser had issues, only Dolphin, so they have a bug in their XML parser and I have to sniff dolphin and dump the DOM to dolphin as text/html.

    Anyway, a bug in an XML parser is pretty serious (I think it was getting confused by some UTF8 characters), so I now only use that browser for testing.

    I can not link to page showing bug as it is 18+ content.
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