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Jun 11, 2012
Why can't this be as straight forward is "dumb" phones? I'm beginning to wonder if dumb phones are smarter than people give them credit for :D
When I connect my phone to the computer, I have one of two options (I've uninstalled that wretched MotoCast that is supposed to sync and make file transfers painless). Here is what I see when I connect:

Open Folder and View Files. These are the files
MotoCast Installer
MotoCasdt Setupconfig
MotoCastsetup Lang

Or, I can install Motocast. NO thank you! If I could only find (in the computer's file manager when I plug my phone in) where my Pictures are, My Music and My Files are and Wallpaper, I'd be happy. It can't be this hard! Maybe if someone explained it to me like I was six :)
OK, Instead of Media Device (listed in the phone), I made a change and told the phone to connect as Mass Storage. This time multiple windows on the computer open. Insteaad of "M" Moto Drive, I now have (MOT) "N" drive. Things still aren't in folders that I would expect them to be in. No music in the Music folder. Not all of my Wallpaper in the Wallpaper folder, no videos or movies in those folders. Cant' find my photo album. CrAzY!