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Best Toughest Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by Blue Moon, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Blue Moon

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    I just got a Turbo 2 and want to protect it. My choices seem to be OMOTON, Skinomi, iCarez, Mr Shield, iVoler, SPARIN, RinoGear, and IQ Shield.

    iCarez in general seems to be highly rated and has the thickest at 0.33 mm but someone posted a negative review of iCarez Turbo 2 screen protector. He says its too rigid for this phone. He goes on to say that its thick and has ears that go around the speakers, camera, and microphone so its tough to get to lay flat. So I guess he means the corners that stick up around the corners of the phone screen like cat ears have bubbles and won't lay flat against the screen properly. Isn't that just a defective unit or a dirty screen, or is this a legit problem with certain protectors?

    Omoton is the next highest rated but its only 0.2 mm thick. 0.2 seems to be the standard thickness.

    If someone can suggest a tough brand that would work with this phone I'd be greatful.

    (I retyped this topic after doing some more research.)

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  2. Talal1

    Talal1 Newbie

    Better not to go for very thick screen protectors as those will cause issues with touch responsiveness.
  3. Haley Madison

    Haley Madison Lurker

    Best tempered glass is Omoton!
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