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Best UK monthly contract deals?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gibbs1984, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. gibbs1984

    gibbs1984 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Hi all,

    My contract is up very soon so looking at the Sensation (had the Desire and Desire S) but I can't find any decentish deals.

    Especially if it's an 18 month contract, what's the best deals you've seen?

    Looking on mobilephonesdirect.co.uk you're looking at

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  2. litrelord

    litrelord Lurker


    I've been looking into 18 month contracts myself. The cheapest deal I've found has been on t-mobile but bought through buymobiles.net; it's
  3. gadgetmann

    gadgetmann Newbie

  4. lio52

    lio52 Newbie

    Contacted my provider's retentions dep't and upgraded to a sensation retaining my current deal (500mb, 600mins and unlimited texts) for
  5. flc1962

    flc1962 Lurker

    900 mins, unlimited text, 25mb per day in europe/eu 750mb uk internet, vodafone passport.
  6. Three one plan free sensation
  7. planetf1

    planetf1 Newbie

    If on, or thinking of changing to vodafone contact @vodafoneukdeals on twitter - they were certainly able to offer me (as an existing customer) some decent offers on the sensation (for my OH)

    Ended up going for 26/month 24m 300/unlimited txt+100 mms/750Mb

    Also if you work for a large company see if they offer any corporate discounts. I do and this should equate to a further 20% off hopefully bringing it to 20/month if that works out (to be verified). But only some tariffs apply so make sure you discuss this when looking at contract options.

    Not sure if this is retention only but a lot cheaper than retail.
  8. My experience of vodafone is not one I would recommend to anyone. I was with Orange for 10 years until they started to have major issues with signal at my home address where I had lived and still live all the time I had been with them, but seemed totally uninterested in sorting the issue out, so move to vodafone, who seemed to have a good signal and reasonable deals, but over the last year and a half, I have started to have major issues with signal with them as well. After many promises of sorting out the problem, I still have very patchy signal at the best, and no signal at worst. Seems very strange as the mast is only a 10 min walk away, and depending on who you talk to at vodafone depends on whether you are meant to have a good or bad signal according to their system.

    Vodafone could offer me 1 million mins, texts, and a terabyte of data and I would still rather use two tin cans and string.
  9. mbatson89

    mbatson89 Android Enthusiast

    Got my upgrade from vodafone a few weeks back and managed to talk them down to:

    18 month contract, 600 minutes, unlimited texts, 1gb data -
  10. sheril11

    sheril11 Lurker

    Monthly contract deals are on high trend and market is filled with lots of offers and benefits plans provided with it. User can now avail the latest and best iPhone deal offer to buy iPhone with complete profit value provided by O2, orange, vodafone, etc.

  11. alanbingham27

    alanbingham27 Well-Known Member

    I got my Sensation 4 weeks ago through phones 4 u. I got my Sensation free, am on 02 UK and get 900 mins unlimited texts and 500mb data for £36 p/m. They also bought me out of my current contract which had another year to go, gave me £180 cash in hand.
  12. ajrr1

    ajrr1 Guest

    If you're not too worried about minutes.... I got a sensation xe for 21.50 a month for 24 months. 100 mins, 500 texts, 500mb and unlimited WiFi. Go through quidco and get 60 cashback. If i can work it out there is also 70 cashback by redemption. This is on O2.
  13. ChadKaplowski

    ChadKaplowski Member

    I've literally just upgraded too.

    I've been with Orange ever since my first phone bar 1 year I was with O2 before I got sick of their lack of customer service. I guess with most carriers if you build up loyalty then they'll look after you. I had problems with reception at my last property, so considered moving to 3, but having just moved and the missus signing up to 3, she's found signal shocking in the new place so I stuck with Orange.

    Upgrade arranged through Phones 4 u, Sensation XE with 600 minutes, unlimited (3000 fair usage) text messages, 1 Gb data and unlimited wifi, plus I get sky sports or MTV or something in the swapables.
  14. ajrr1

    ajrr1 Guest

    It's definitely on dialaphone too, thats where I got it from 2 weeks ago, and its still listed on their website .
  15. rappy

    rappy Newbie

    I upgraded a few weeks ago with Orange. Got the HTC Sensation with 900 anytime any network mins, unlimited text messages and 1 gig of data a month for
  16. Garybrazier

    Garybrazier Newbie

    I got my Sensation from Orange a few weeks back as an upgrade from my Hero.
    I have been with them a few years and my contract was near end.
    Also I had 2 heavyish bills (
  17. master_yoda

    master_yoda Android Enthusiast

    Dont forget Three do the Sensation on the One plan for
  18. admob

    admob Well-Known Member

    o2 thru dial-a-phone 21.50 a month, no handset price, over 24 months, coverage is poor tho compare to 3... after 18 months sell and make a profit on ebay and upgrade.. result....
  19. ajrr1

    ajrr1 Guest

    Mick, assume you are talking about giff gaff?
  20. KKORKY

    KKORKY Lurker

    Just upgraded with Voda, got a good deal, 600mins+Ult Text+500mb+free Voda To Voda calls....

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