Best used Android Phone for Newbie on Verizon?


First time posting. My contract with AT&T is ending and I'm likely going to switch to Verizon (which apparently has the best coverage in Denver). I have an iPhone 4 now, but I'm looking to switch to Android with all the great phones out now (and because I'm bored with the iPhone). My plan is to pick up a decent Android phone used, go month-to-month with Verizon, and then, assuming I like Android, get one of the new phones coming out this fall/winter and take on a 2-year contract.

I've done a ton of research and looked at many phones in person, and the phone I like the best in terms of form factor is the HTC One-S, which I know only T-Mobile carries. I unfortunately can't go that route since the wife will definitely want to get the new iPhone and they don't have it. Of the current Verizon Android phones I've seen, the best options for my purposes (buying used off eBay or something) appear to be (1) HTC Rezound; (2) Galaxy Nexus; and (3) Motorola Razr Maxx. I was set on the Nexus but the size scares me a little and I've read about possible problems with reception. I feel like I may prefer something slightly smaller (4.3" screen). Most important factors are call quality/reception and smooth synching with exchange server e-mail/calendar.

Which one would you recommend for someone who has NEVER used an Android phone and will likely be looking to resell the phone in a couple of months. I'm open to other options as well. Thanks in advance and I apologize for the long post!