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Best Verizon Droid to get, replacing broken Samsung Fascinate

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by oppie00, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. oppie00

    oppie00 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    My Samsung Fascinate screen is completely shattered and I'm looking to replace it, does anyone have suggestions of a Droid to get? I've looked at the HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Incredible, Droid X, Droid 2, and Droid 3, but would consider another if someone had a good suggestion.

    I'm not scheduled for an upgrade for a few months so I would have to purchase a phone at retail from Verizon, does anyone know of the best place to find a phone also (i.e. Ebay, craigslist, another website)?

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  2. Dcastnick

    Dcastnick Newbie

    I may be biased, but I have lots of reference points around me. Id say go for the Incredible 2, white if you get it at best buy lol. I looked at countless comparisons online before I settled with the incred 2. Side by side with other, supposedly more powerful phones, like the thunderbolt or droid 3, it either matched performance or out performed. I was a little worried at first because on paper it dosent seem to have as much as a few other powerhouses. Namely a dual core processor, or gig of ram. But honestly, 3/4 of a gig of ram and a gig processor (faster if you overclock), is more than sufficient. Ive never has problems rendering anything or running multiple apps or tasks at once. I even has a live video playing behind my screens as a wallpaper! And still no lag or stutter.

    Also take into account its just plain sexy. Its sleek and thin, and dosent have physical buttons like the moto droids. The UI is superb and intuitive. Ive yet to find a single qualm about this phone, even the battery life exceeds that of the thunderbolt or other droids.

    The only reason to go with a thunderbolt or 3 is for 4g. But, if your unlucky enough to be living outside a major metro area, youve got several years to wait. Dont let them fool you, outside of major cities, i.e. los angelos, sanfran, new york, you wont see any 4g till at least your next upgrade time! worry about it then lol.
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  3. Guamguy

    Guamguy Android Expert

    I would go with Droid Bionic if cost is no option and if you must have 4G.

    If you are looking for non 4G, the choices are good and deciding will be tough: Droid 3, Droid X2 and Droid Incredible 2.
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  4. oppie00

    oppie00 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Unfortunately, cost is definitely a factor because I'd definitely go with the Bionic if it wasn't. Is there anything that really separates Droid X2/Droid 3/and Incredible 2 from each other? I don't really care about the Qwerty Keyboard, so that is not a major factor in the decision making.

    If it helps, my main use of the phone is for music/radio/navigation other than the phone of course. I liked my Fascinate, but it always seemed to be buggy and would lag when apps and other items were selected, so I'm hoping to avoid that with the next phone I get.
  5. d6racer

    d6racer Newbie

    Do you not have insurance?

    If you do, just turn you phone in on that and wait for your upgrade to replace.

    If not, replacement screens can be bought.
    Just the lens for under $10 and the whole LCD replacement kits can be bought for under $100.

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