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Best Videoplayer for Watching Movies

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yoovi4u, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. yoovi4u

    yoovi4u Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I m new to this Desire HD forum and phone. I particularly chose this mobile so that I can watch movies and media on its massive display bigger than anyother phone can deliver. But I m a bit worried about the headphone volume and battery life on this phone.
    My battery stands for a full long day usage as like most of the phones in the android market. So Its fine with me.
    But the headphone volume factor is not what I expected (Its being advertised as a dolby phone!!). I dont know whether its because of software or quality of headphones (I use HTC headphones that came with the phone though).
    The native player doesnt attract so much so I chose iMplayer to play videos. But its media volume sticks out like a sore thumb (but display brightness and quality is impeccable).
    Is everyone experiencing the same problem like me?? If not,give me some suggestions for a good video player app.
    My requirements are:

    • Even if it does not have a vast format support,it should support atleast the common video formats available,
    • It should provide seamless playback and convincing volume and effects.

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  2. CheesyPeteza

    CheesyPeteza Member

    Rock Player or Vplayer but you have to buy it.
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  3. Randles

    Randles Member

    Vplayer is awesome mate
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  4. yoovi4u

    yoovi4u Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone tried iMplayer??? I think its really except the volume level. The interface and everything is simple and very light to use.
  5. animal47

    animal47 Well-Known Member

    mvideo player is what i use and am very happy with it other than it wont play avi's
  6. HTC foot

    HTC foot Newbie

    I use ArcMedia (free) which also gets around the audio sync problem as well. I've watched two full movies and still had battery life left to call home after the flight and navigate to the hotel.

    The standard HTC earphones are rubbish IMHO, but then again most 'comes packaged with' phone earphones are. I've got a decent pair of Sennheiser ear buds and they work well, nice bass, good outside noise reduction.

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