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Best way to change font?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Spaniard85, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Spaniard85

    Spaniard85 Member
    Thread Starter

    What's the best to change the font on a rooted Droid? I haven't used MetaMorph much, but it was my understanding that it could change the font. I've also read about just replacing the files with root explorer? I'm just picky about my fonts, and would like to be able to get a font I like on some different ROMs. Thanks for any help.

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  2. istolvampire

    istolvampire Android Enthusiast

    Read all before starting as i am not a very good step by step list maker.

    I have changed fonts manually with rootexplorer. Just get the two font files you want(regular,Bold)ttf file type on your pc. The change the the two files to exactly what the two files are named on the droid. Rootexplorer-system-fonts, they are DroidSans.ttf and DroidSans-Bold.ttf. Exact spelling and capitalization is required. Place the two files on your droids sd card. Use Astro to copy/paste each one over to the same place on rootexplorer after you have deleted the two original droidsans files. Don't forget to change the write/read preferences in rootexplorer before and after you are done. Also check the permissions of the original droidsans files before you delete them so you can make sure you set your new font files to the same permissions. restart the droid.

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