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best way to recover data off broken phones?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NautolanRogue, Jan 13, 2020.

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    I have a clumsiness problem that has cost me several phones, now that I've amassed a collection of three I'd like to do something to get the data off of them. I've been looking up how to do this and thought it might be more useful outing the problems to see what the best approach is. None of them has USB Debugging enabled.

    1. Motorola One - Broken the most recently, low priority stuff on there, photos and some data on apps I'd like to view. The screen is shattered and I'm unsure if it's responsive to touch. The display was at first flickering and pixelated, with me being able to see the clock buzzing about on the lock screen, but now when I press the power button but I can only see it light up but not display any colour. Seems to be charging fine. If there was any chance of repair, this would be the one I'd be willing to spend money on.

    2. Moto E4 - Broken a year ago, lost cause in terms of responsiveness but there are texts on there that would be really, really useful to me. Anyways to specifically recover texts?

    3. Obi MV1 - Broken 3 years ago, want to recover holiday photos from India off there which I can't access any other way. Single crack along screen which totally disabled touch screen. Would have been a simple repair if anywhere stocked parts for an obscure phone off Amazon.

    If I could get something that would be able to recover data off all three I'd be willing to drop a fair bit of money on it. General or specific suggestions are welcome.



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