Help Best way to restore a phone after wiping???

I cant find the backup files for my galaxy s4 on the computer when i plug it in. Do you know where they are stored? It always says saved to SD card, but its not the external SD card. Cant save backup files for my apps to external sd card also. How are you supposed to restore a phone geez.


Android Expert
You don't explain how you backed it up so we cannot give a sensible answer to this question but are you aware that "SD Card" usually refers to the internal "SD Card" memory which is not an SD card at all?

There are three lots of permanent storage on an S4. Internal memory (OS, config files etc.), SD card (most user data) and the actual removable SD card, which is referred to as "external SD card". My guess is that you are just looking in the wrong "SD card". Yes, the naming is bloody stupid but what can you do?