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Best way to send pics without them converting to 80KB out of 1200KB?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JuniorNA, May 19, 2010.

  1. JuniorNA

    JuniorNA Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys, i'm trying to send pictures to my brother who has a BB storm. He claims that every picture i send him is very very small, and when he goes into landscape mode, it does not go full screen. At first i thought it was because i was using all 8.2MP and it was resizing the pictures to 50kb out of 1200kb, i would always see 50/1200, or 80k/1200kb and I thought that was why. then i changed the MP to 3mp and then i got it to say 800kb/1200kb but the picture still looks the same. I MMS myself the picture and it goes to a very small image when i send it to myself as well. Am i doing something wrong? is there an option somewhere that is forcing the pictures to resize ? i wouldnt say they are thumbnail size, but i WOULD say they are no where near taking up the full screen and it's kind of pointless to have 8.2mp and only send half of a screen via MMS. ? any thoughts?

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    INTREPID-NY Android Enthusiast

    Under Messages, Menu, Settings, MMS Settings, Maximum Message Size, Set to 1.2M. I don't know if this refers to incoming or outgoing. I haven't tested it yet. I also don't know know the maximum Verizon MMS message size allowed. Let us know if you resolve this issue. Thanks.
  3. Dream

    Dream Android Enthusiast

    Email them instead.
  4. JuniorNA

    JuniorNA Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I have it set to 1.2 - but the problem is if the picture is much larger than 1.2, say it's 3mb, it will not cut it off at 1.2 - it will crop and resize it down to 80kb and the entire picture is 10x smaller now.
    The only way around this that i've found is A. email (like said above), or B. take photo, crop it, and it should be 1100kb, and wont need to be resized, and then the person will get full screen image.

    I didnt think it would be this hard to just send a picture full screen.
  5. rjj130

    rjj130 Member

    ^^ What he/she said.

    You have to remember that not all phones can receive large files and resolutions.
  6. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Android Expert

    MMS was designed to allow graphics and such to be sent in messages.

    It was NOT designed to replace FTP,e-mail,usb, etc forms of communication for transferring LARGE files.

    there is no reason to use MMS to send a full resolution image another phone...
  7. kimf

    kimf Newbie

    I have a question about this - I would actually like to downsize my pics before emailing - accidently emailed a 4mb picture - too big. I haven't found an option to automatically resize for email (using Gmail app), am I missing something? Or do I have to resize using picsay or photoshop app? Hate to take the time with that extra step, wish it was an option to be done automatically.
  8. JuniorNA

    JuniorNA Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    oh really ? then please tell me what MULTI MEDIA MESSAGING is for then if it's not for pictures?

    I happen to think MMS was created exactly for that reason, to send pictures, audio, video, etc. I dont think it was designed to replace FTP, email, USB, but it is designed to make it easy to take a picture on your phone and send it to a friend. Imagine giving your mother an FTP link to download a picture, lol. it would take 2 hours just to explain how to get there.
  9. jwjohnson

    jwjohnson Newbie

    It would be nice if MMS supported larger pics. The same happened when I had my storm and was sending pics to others.

    Right now email is the best way to send a larger picture. I
  10. woop

    woop novacane (OFWGKTA)

    I'm gonna have to agree with this post.

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