Best way to text on your Mac or PC



★ Send and receive SMS texts through your computer using your favorite chat application.
★ Fully compatible and integrates with Mac OS Messages (iMessage), Pidgin, Adium, Trillian, Miranda IM and Digsby.
★ Works with all messaging applications such as GoSMS, Handcent, Hangouts, Textra and ChopSMS.
★ Saves battery life by staying in sleep mode while you send and receive texts
★ Syncs with your Android device as long as you are logged into the chat application on your computer.
★ Syncs all your android contacts and contact pictures with your favorite chat application.
★ Texber respects your privacy and doesn't store your messages or share any personal information with 3rd parties.

Texber is super easy to install and seamless to use since the app fully integrates with the chat application you are already using.

★ A great solution if you use both Android and Mac devices.
★ The answer if you who want to reduce the number of devices and programs you use to message while working on your Mac or PC.
★ The absolute simplest way to send and receive SMS messages through a chat program.

To start using texber, install the app on your Android phone then add your new texber account to your preferred chat program. Step-by-step instructions are included when you install texber.

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