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Best Ways to Remove Virus from Android phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Prexblog, Aug 1, 2017.

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    Using safe mode is the best way because** **in this method, you will be able to remove the malicious app(s) via booting into safe mode because some virus attacks phone by automatically installing apps on a victim's phone to make the device malfunction, probably where the victim might have downloaded apps from third-party websites or from the giant Google playstore.

    * Press and hold power button and select "**Reboot to Safe Mode**".
    * After successful reboot, find out if your device is malfunctioning because in this mode, is only your follow-come apps that will be available.
    * If it doesn't malfunction, kindly power off your phone and boot to Normal mode, then delete those apps causing the issue by going to ***Settings>>Apps*** and delete virus Apps.

    Meanwhile, there are some other Perfect Ways to Remove Virus from Android Device (http://www.prexblog.com/2017/07/perfect-ways-to-remove-virus-from.html) .


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