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just in case anyone didn't know, best skins ever has their skin in stock. i have had good experiences with their skins in the past, no orange peel effect either. very smooth. they may still have an introductory price of $5 still. Check them out at


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Never heard of this company before. I've used ZAGG several times in the past. Anyone have experience with using


used them for my creative zen vision M. 5 years later it is still in good condition and has been beat up. Less sticky than a Zagg, but thinner too. Doesn't include install kit.


I had a 50% of coupon for Zagg so I bought their screen protector couldn’t wait any longer but I highly recommend this company (BestSkinsEver). I had their screen protector on my last phone (BB Curve) and it was very good. If I recall correctly I used liquid soap and water to install mine on my blackberry and did not have any problems at all.


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I used BSE on my blackberries and loved them. They didn't have a crazy orange peel effect like the ZAGG skins, and they were nice and thin. The price is just right on them too. But if I may, after using BSE i gave phantom skinz a shot, and the prices are comperable, but the PS is a far better product